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WordPress SEO Plugin(by Yoast) Setup Optimization Guide

There are several reasons that blogger feel comfortable to switch over WordPress CMS. Among them, the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is considered to be the main reason, when compared to Blogger, and Tumblr platforms. In WordPress self-hosted websites, the SEO and all add-on functionalities are managed using the wordpress plugins, where you can pick from the WordPress Plugin repository. We have made many discussions regarding SEO and better blogging tips on Blog Helpline and today, from reader’s request we are sharing a detailed Optimization guide for WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast.

WordPress SEO plugin configuration guide

WordPress SEO by Yoast Installation

The WordPress SEO by Yoast, is an exclusive WordPress plugin built by Yoast corp. to manage and boost-up the SEO of your WordPress blog. Installing this plugin is same as like a usual wordpress plugin installation,

  1. Just login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click on Plugins > Add New.
  3. In the search box, browse for WordPress SEO, in WordPress Plugin repository.
  4. At the very first link, you will be finding, “WordPress SEO by Yoast” WP plugin.
  5. Hit “install”, to install the plugin.
  6. The plugin will be successfully installed. And in the left panel bottom most you can find the “WordPress SEO settings” option.

WordPress SEO  (by Yoast) Setup Guide

Why WordPress SEO plugin is the best SEO plugin? Comparing to all other SEO plugins for WordPress, this contains immense functionalities, great user base, support and brings instant updates. Here we have answers for reader’s FAQ and setup guide to get the fullest utilization of WordPress SEO(by Yoast) plugin.

How to verify Meta Values with WordPress SEO plugin?

Probably, this is the very first configuration to do in WordPress SEO plugin. Go to, WordPress SEO plugin > General settings > Webmasters. Adding all meta values such as Google Webmasters, Alexa verification id, bing Webmasters etc. This will make your task easier, do you know how? By this you don’t want to worry about adding meta values each time while changing your WordPress theme.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Webmasters tools

Here, all the Webmasters tools are hyperlinked so, the bloggers can easily reach out the corresponding Webmasters verification method and get meta details. Then, do Copy/Paste the meta values in those fields. Click “Save Changes” to save and get verified.

How to verify Pinterest for my Website using WordPress SEO plugin?

For Pinterest site verification, all you need is a pinterest account for your site. Then, go for the Profile > settings > Website.

Pinterest meta values for website verification using WordPress SEO by yoast.

In the Website field add your website URL, and click “verify website“. There are 2 options to get verified, among them the second method is just adding the meta tag on your site. So, let’s choose the latter choice and copy the meta tag. Paste the alphanumerical values and add them in the Webmasters tools option. Save them and get verified. 🙂

Yoast WordPress SEO: Titles and Metas[Setup]

General Settings: To be loyal, here we have nothing to do. 😛 let it be as it is and c’mon we can go for the next.

WordPress SEO: Titles and Metas Setup

Home Page settings: Some WordPress themes (or) nulled wp themes cause problem in displaying the Website name and Site description in Title bar. In this section, we have “Title template” to edit the title name, separator and site description. Like Title template, some wp themes don’t have site description option, so here we have “Site Description template” to add your blog description in it and add Meta keywords followed by it.

Post types: The % marks represent the space between the characters, that is displayed in the Title Bar. It’s safer to have a backup before editing this. Most of the time, when you setting up the article’s Meta Title, it won’t be within the limit and you have to provide the custom Meta Title for Each time. So, better remove the Site Title name added with the post  Meta title. All you have to do is, delete this in Post Title Template -“%%sep%% %%sitename%%”. Your blog title with be removed from the Post Meta Title. You can also, edit for the rest of these options.

Taxonomies: Some well-known SEO experts suggest to no-index yours Tags, but this conversation on SEO is unpredictable. Anyhow, you can edit these settings to make Meta Robots nofollow them.

Others: The rest are editing with Author Meta titles and description and Date Archives. These settings will help to prevent content duplication. The default settings do well in SEO parts.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Social[Setup]

Social media is a key to website traffic and acts as a prime key factors of SEO. Here, we have some awesome settings to integrate your blog with Social media (Facebook, Google+ and twitter).

Facebook with WordPress SEO

Using this, you can add Facebook’s Open Graph meta data to your WordPress blog’s head section. So, click on “Add facebook Admin” > connect with Facebook and connect it. The same process will be followed for Twitter’s Twitter card meta data and add your Google+ page to add Google+ post meta data in your site’s head section. From this, you should know one thing, that this WP SEO plugin, has the functionality of getting verified Google+ Authorship to your wordpress site.

WordPress SEO plugin: XML Sitemaps[Setup]

This plugin’s functionalities are really boundless. With this, you can also setup XML sitemaps with it.

  • Click on XML Sitemap button, to create a sitemap for your site.
  • Usually all your blog post updates are pinged by Google and bing search engines. Using the General settings, and click on “Ping Yahoo!, Ping” to ping these search engines too, once after you publish the blog post.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Permalinks[Setup]

The Best method for permalink setting, to your website is,

By, checking on “Enforcing a trailing slash” option, you can also add “.html” to the end of your post URL link. And, in the bottom you can see the Canonical settings, force to transport all “http” links to “https” but, it’s not so necessary.

WordPress SEO plugin: Internal links[Setup]

Here, we have an additional most useful setting –Breadcrumbs. You don’t need to install any separate plugin for Breadcrumbs and spend time to manage it. All you have to do is, click to enable the Breadcrumbs option and mention the taxonomies to show the Breadcrumbs for. You can use “Tags” for it. Unless, you are good in editing your theme, please don’t edit your theme with the code given below.

WordPress SEO Plugin: RSS Feeds[Setup]

Many Scrappers, use your RSS feeds for content scraping, So its time to act smart. Enabling this option, Your Blog link will be added in your RSS feeds, which automatically build backlinks to your site. And, you can also make Google understand that, you are the original source.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Import & Export[Setup]

This is the section, for Backup/Restore all your SEO settings for future use. Also, if you have used some other SEO plugins for WordPress like All-in-One SEO, Woo Themes SEO framework etc. can export all your SEO settings and import in your WordPress SEO plugin by yoast.

Click, “Delete your old data after import” its the recommended option to discard the old meta datas for your blog posts to avoid overwriting.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Edit files

It is not so recommended to edit in this settings.

WordPress SEO Plugin Settings within Blog Post

Inside the blog post,  the very first setup to enable/check your SEO rating is to add the SEO Focus Keyword for your blog post. Save, the draft to measure your SEO rating in three forms -Good, OK, Bad with Green, yellow and red. Below you post check the Page Analysis, the plugin gives you the list of suggestions to adjust with and leverage your SEO quality of your blog post. I recommend you to read these articles to choose a perfect keyword for your article, to match the Google’s Semantic SEO,

For more info join the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast official forum.

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