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Windows 8.1 tips to enhance your PC even better

Microsoft recently released its OS update – Windows 8.1 for your PC and Surface tablets. The new released OS looks more similar to its previous version. Still, this OS comes with more improvements like Adjustable tile sizes, Skydrive integration, new global search and many more.

By default, some changes that you may not like all users. So we want to show you Windows 8.1 tips to enhance your PC even better.

Windows 8.1, An Overview
Windows 8.1, An Overview

Windows 8.1 tips and tricks

1. Starts directly to your desktop

In Windows 8.1 we have the ability to boot directly to the desktop. It’s already exists in Windows 8, using 3rd party applications. But in this Windows 8.1 this can be done by default.

2. Recovers “Libraries”

When we started the desktop file explorer classic view we will see in a few folders, and our units. This functionality remains almost intact from Windows 7.

We can more or less easily activate it from the file browser configuration. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Open the file browser
  • Go to the tab “View” in the Ribbon
  • Press the button “Options
  • Activate the last checkbox , labeled “Show Libraries

Another quick option would press the “Navigation Panel” and click “Show libraries“.

From that time we will have access to libraries, and will be as open by default when we open the browser.

3. Use your computer as a digital frame

When we have the computer turned on, you can do that on the lock screen to display a slideshow. It’s completely, a new feature in Windows 8.1.

For this we take the following steps:

  • Open the charms bar (Windows + C).
  • Click on the “Settings“.
  • Click on “Change settings for the PC“.
  • Click on large image with a representation of our lock screen.
  • Activate the switch that says “Show a presentation on the lock screen“.
  • We select the folder where the images you want to put into the presentation.

Configure the other things as we want (presentation when we are not connected to the mains, etc.).

4. Make a reading list to sync between devices

Windows 8.1 includes a default application very simple yet very powerful. Imaginatively called “Reading List” to add links so we can access them later.

The issue is that by default may not synchronize with the cloud, so if you have more computers with Windows 8.1 may not have the list. The solution is to enable synchronization of configuration data and applications with SkyDrive .

To do this, we access the system settings, click on SkyDrive in “Setting up synchronization” and mark the switch “Application Data“. This makes all applications that implement this API, and to synchronize information between the devices connected to it.

Windows 8.1,  aspects that need improvement.

Windows 8 takes time between us and the last update was very necessary to improve the user experience when using the operating system. Although of little worth operating system features if no applications that make use of them and allow users to get exactly what they want.

The Windows Store has some applications that are gems, but still has significant gaps. Let’s review four of the most notable absences in the ecosystem of Windows 8.

Office environments tactile

We can run Office 2013 on all computers including Windows 8.1 , and the truth is that it is a delight in all cases … That does not require interaction with a touch screen, no mouse support.

Touch mode Office 2013 is more a patch than anything else. Allows interface buttons we know bigger. And you. When using Office on a tablet expect another kind of experience, for starters, one that is consistent with the rest of the operating system (in their natural environment and not in the patch that is on the desktop ).

Microsoft should develop and release a version of Office and that, even including all the features of its desktop brother, yes let perform common editing tasks using a touchscreen and integrating with the entire user experience of Windows 8 (no toolbars, no buttons that surround our content …).

Of course, to maintain the competitive advantage of their tablets with respect to competitors, it cannot stop offering Office “complete” pre-installed with Windows RT tablets.

Alternative browsers

Again, we can run any browser on Windows 8 (if they include an Intel). But, if we have a touchscreen computer (and small screen) we use Internet Explorer. And although IE10 and IE11 are good browsers, never hurts to have other options to choose .

Only Mozilla is developing a Firefox interface designed to be used with fingers . Opera and Chrome are lagging behind in this regard. And I think they should enter the game before it’s too late for them.

Keep in mind that you can run alternative browsers on computers and tablets x86/x64 processors, but all browsers developed for Windows RT should be submitted in the Trident rendering engine. This is a limitation that Microsoft should be removed.

I miss also other actors such as Maxthon. They have an app for Windows Phone, so you already know the platform. They should launch an application for Windows 8 and Windows RT (in this case, offering only as the Trident rendering engine).

Some of the major applications from other platforms

A major work, especially when it comes in tablets and computers, is that the applications you already know they will not be , even if like. I know people who preferred to buy an Android tablet to a Windows only by being able to play Candy Crush.

Spotify should be in Windows 8 , thinking particularly of the tablets with this OS. We can use the Web version of the service, but not remove it from the screen (the music would pause). Furthermore, it integrates with the system.

Not so bloody that Spotify is not in Windows 8, though. The user is not left without options for listening to music online. Although it would be nice, especially for Premium users of the service, have a client for this platform.

And who says Spotify, of course, said applications such as Facebook (which until recently did not exist), something like iMovie or even a Google Earth client. There are many absences in the app store Windows 8 and Microsoft might be good to put some bills on the table to fix it.

Better integration of Windows 8 with Windows Phone

Windows 8 and Windows Phone are very poorly integrated . As poorly integrated, really, just talk to each other. And Microsoft has a unique opportunity to better integrate the two platforms than ever.

Windows Phone to Windows PC Synchronization - Windows 8.1

Why not implement mobile management from your computer or tablet? It would be great to, for example, answer a call from your computer when connecting two devices by USB or Bluetooth, or you can send SMS directly from our tablet without removing the phone from his pocket.

It would also be a great option for adding a GPS to our Windows 8 devices without extra adapters. The integration of Windows 8 and Windows Phone with Xbox is fine. Why not integrate the two platforms each other?

These four issues I consider particularly important in the ecosystem of Windows 8.1 (both the operating system and the applications built around it). Can you think of more? Do not hesitate and share them in the comments.


  1. Magesh Ram says:

    Hi My name is Magesh. I am using windows 8.
    In my laptop Total USB port – 3
    2 USB port is not working what can i do
    Help me………..

  2. Magesh Ram says:

    Hi my name is Magesh Ram. I am using WINDOWS 8.
    In my laptop total USB port – 3
    2 USB port is not working.
    So Help me…………….

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