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Best Web tools to make your Office Business done Remotely

This article may not help all, but it will surely light up fresh startups. For any new startup, their incipient stage will be so crucial part. Those people, would be put into a compulsion of working even on holidays. At that time, going to Office and work will be an Add-on tension. So, how to avoid this?

How it will be, if there is a chance of working in your home itself?

Interesting right? This will be convenient for both the employees and to the company. For employees this could save their time, money for Fuel and can work casually by being with their family. As well as, company can enjoy a lot by saving their investment in establishing Office and its maintenance like Electricity bills etc. Appearing physically and complete the job has become old fashioned now. Lots of software companies started practicing this system to make their Office Business done remotely.
A sincere thanks to the Internet for all these happening. So call this practice as “Teleworking“, which means making use of web tools and working remotely. It’s just like carrying out your tasks with VoIP, video conferencing, file sharing etc.

Best Rated Web Tools to run your Business Remotely

Best web tools to turn office business remotely

Cloud Storage tools

#1 Google Drive

Google Drive – A Cloud storage service by Google. As it is a product of Google, it has the great integration with all other Google products. We have 15gb of Cloud Data Storage. It has the greatest UI and functionalities to access all your uploaded files ordering into folders. When you want to work from outside office. At that time, you were unable to access files from your local computer. So, cloud storage would be of greater use. As Google Drive integrated with Gmail, you can attach more files than a Gigabyte. Google Drive also offers us mobile apps for Android and iOS. I am waiting for Windows Phone too. 😀

#2 Drop Box


Drop Box is the best Cloud storage till date. It has the great system synchronization and lots of features. But, its only one drawback seems to be, Low Data space of only 2Gb. You can share your files publicly and even share your accounts with others.

#3 Skydrive


Skydrive is the Cloud storage service from Microsoft. It offers 7Gb data space to upload all your files. You can easy sync your files with Outlook and to your Windows Phone.

#4 OwnCloud


OwnCloud is an Open Source cloud Software. Using this you can setup your own cloud on your own pirate server or any 3rd party hosting providers like Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost etc.

Video Conferencing tools

#5 Skype


Skype from Microsoft, is the best resource for making video calls.

#6 Google Hangouts

Hangouts on Air – An another useful product from Google. It’s more lightweight video call streaming tool. You can also broadcast your video calls with Google Hangouts.

Messaging tools

#7 Chatzy


Chatzy is an Online free private chatroom. Here you can create your chatroom and the new URL will be created. In that you can make a private chat, you can create this without using your E-mail ID’s. Your chat conversation will be seen only by you and your chat members and later it will automatically gets disposed.

#8 Chatstep


Chatstep is similar to chatzy. It also offers private chatroom and gets disposed. It has a greater UI to make your conversation, beautiful.

#9 Encrypt Messages

Encrypt Messages, is an E-mail encryption application developed by Amit Agarwal (Founder of Digital Inspiration). All you have to do is, enter your message and encryption key. Your message will gets encrypted using AES Encryption algorithms. Follow this link to decrypt your message back.

Remote Access Programs for Screen Sharing

Recently, with the support of WebRTC ( Web Real Time Communications) developers, started creating awesome a real time media applications. These are real-time audio and real-time video without using Plug-ins or softwares packages. And, Unfortunately this Web Standards support only for Google Chrome Browser in your PC and Android handsets.

The ultimate use of WebRTC is to make real-time chats, video conferencing, screen casting, screen sharing with your Browser itself. It’s made simple with Javascripts and no aditional Plug-ins are required., and – Screen sharing Apps without Plug-ins or Programs, and are using this WebRTC technology to make Screen sharing with Remote Access. It’s just a one-click job to share youe screen with Browser. All Requirements that you need is, the latest version of Google Chrome Browser.

Tweak your Web Browser to make use of all the above Screen Sharing Apps:

  1. “chrome://flags”, type this in the Address Bar of your Web Browser.
  2. Settings → Enable screen capture support in getUserMedia().
  3. Clcik Enable.

And now, just Restart your Browser and start using these Web Apps to share your Screen with anybody from anywhere. These Web Apps will sure be the better replacement for TeamViewer, etc.

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