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Everything you need to know about UX Software and the Different Users

For designers, having a good eye for design and even better hands at executing them are crucial points. Before you are able to get a break in the industry, you have to first show who you are and what you are capable of. The latest technology and the best UX software can do little if you lack the creativity and imagination required for the job. What we’re saying here is that technology is still no match for talent.

UX Design Software

While UX software are impressive and helpful, it kind of limits the options that an artist can explore. It also hinders collaborative work between artists because the software allows you to control and adjust anything in a design. The best way to go about it is to design by hand first and move on to the use of software after mastering it.

Choosing UX Software for UX Design

Once you are ready to step into the software game, you will need to look at the following:

1. Diagramming tool. This one is used for content or data modeling or wire framing. Some also use this to efficiently create a sitemap for the site. Among the best choices are Omnigiraffle for Mac users or Visio for PC users. Other options are Mockflow, Hothloo, Pencil, Balsamiq, and many more.

2. Higher fidelity prototypes. This UX software is used to create better looking wireframes as well as prototypes. The most preferred ones include InDesign, Photoshop, Powerpoint for PCs, and Keynote for MAC users.

3. Interactive prototypes. This used to be an optional part of design, but not anymore. Today it is an integral aspect of design. The top choices are Fireworks, Keynote, Powerpoint, Axure, as well as a couple of text editing software: Expresso, and Coda.

4. Image processing tool. The clarity of the images and graphics used in a website are crucial to its appeal. If the images are not centered, blurred, or some portions need to be given a special effect, there are plenty of UX software that can do the job. Among them are Fireworks and Preview which are favored by Mac users. Simple processing can be done with GIMP and of course, photoshop.

Doing Good Research

UX designers also need to read up – constantly and do good research before creating concepts for website design. Take a look at what the others are doing in terms of interface and user experience improvements. Some new elements may be added or introduced to make the site more effective and efficient.

Additionally, reading is part of good research practices. You can subscribe to newsletters or sign up to receive blog updates from credible sources. Choose the industry’s best leaders and those whose forward thinking is recognized as visionary.

These are the people whom you will learn a lot from, and they can influence your designs in more ways than you think. Design is a creative job and you need to be able to draw from a wellspring of information in order to keep coming up with designs that are innovative and fresh all the time.

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