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Alexa Rank Tips: Increase your Alexa Rank Quickly within 50K

The stature of every Blog depends on 2 things. They are, Alexa Rank by and Page Rank by Google. Here, Google updates its Page Rank once in 3 months or many more. Here, Alexa is not like that. It has the capability of offering <50,000 Alexa Rank even for the Blog ageing less than a month. This makes the prime reason for people concentrating more on Alexa. This is not the only reason. For marketing, buying Ads and Paid Reviews people needs your Alexa to be so good. Alexa doesn’t care much about SEO, Backlinks etc. All it needs is to keep updating your website with Quality Stuffs that increase your website traffic.

More Website Traffic from people using Alexa Extension = More Alexa Rank

Tip #1: Posting CONTENT daily at Specific Time

When I worked on my first Blog, I posted content daily at specific times. I didn’t care much about SEO, link building etc. This is because, in my incipient stage I was unaware of that. This is what I did:

Posted Quality contents daily. Daytime fully, I work on preparing the content and publish the article. I prefer Night Time only after 10PM IST.

If you are hardly in need to drop your Alexa Rank, there are many tricks to increase your Alexa Rank.

  1. Save your content and schedule publish time, at a specific time period.
  2. If you are lacking in preparing content often. Then don’t hesitate to re-blog some interesting content relating to your niche.

Tip #2: Install Alexa Tool Bar on your Web Browser

Alexa ranks the website, how many times the Alexa Bot’s hit that site comparing to other websites in its directory. Make your friends to install this plugin in their PC when they use your website. More no. People visiting your website using Alexa Tool Bar will increase your Alexa Rank all of a sudden.

Alexa Tool Bar Extension to Quick view Alexa Rank
BLOG’s Alexa Rank

Auto Generate traffic to your Website. Use Firefox Browser for that, get the RSS feed for your website in the Browser. Use, Hide My Ass like Proxy websites and change your IP Address and do open all tabs of your RSS feed. So, you are opening your website anonymously using different IP. This will make a sudden drop of Alexa Rank. And, I hope this is the quickest way to increase Alexa Rank.

Click here to download the Alexa Tool Bar.

Tip #3: Interact with more Bloggers via Social Network

Try to interact with more Bloggers either via Facebook or Twitter. Please do contact them. Create a good relationship with those people. It is because, they are the only people mostly using the Alexa Tool Bar. It is the slight extension tip from Tip #2 😛 its quite hard to make all your friends to make installing Alexa Tool Bar plugin.

Tip #4: Install Alexa widget on your Website

Alexa also provides a free widget to display your Alexa Rank both in Global and Country Region wise. In my experience, this widget is a waste of time and Space, but It can attract Alexa by sending its bots to crawl your website. More the bot crawl more the increase in Alexa Ranking. Use this widget only you have a very low Alexa Rank, and if you got enough removed it off.

Click here to get the HTML code for Alexa Widget.

Tip #5: If your Blog is a new born, Use “Claim your Site”

Use this, if you have got “No Data” or Alexa Ranked your site in the Billions. You just do the verification process for your Blog and hit Claim your site. This will  make Alexa bots to notice you and help you in Increasing your Alexa Rank.

Click here to  claim your site on Alexa.

Tip #6: Get involved in Alexa Pro Subscription

Are you ready to spend few bucks? Get your website subscribed to Alexa Pro Subscription. Here, you will get the best SEO Audit, Insight Plan, Site Metrics and many more. This feature will not only improve your Alexa Ranking but also increase your Page Rank with SEO Site Audit. 😀

My personal Opinion on Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank on any website is not a real Ranking system. It’s just a Rank you can use to get Paid Posting and Ads. Increasing Alexa Rank within 50K is not a Big deal, all you have to do is Blog consistently. Schedule your content to get published at a specific time. More Alexa Rank will also help you if you are planning to sell your Blog. Use can use many 3rd party websites like, and many more. Make use of Like Widget in Alexa and make your Friends to write positive Reviews for your Website. Good Reviews also a part of Alexa Ranking Factors.


  1. Neha Nair says:

    Our website (belongs to our employer) which gets 3000 to 5000 unique visitors daily but still more than 100K alexa. More interestingly 60% visitors of the site ( comes from Google search ! what to do next to reach less 100k ?

  2. cash2clickads says:

    Great info about improving alexa rank. Thank you mothi! I will try to use all your techniques and tips to gain traffic and alexa. Keep writing more how to guides. Thank you!

  3. Sruthi says:

    Thanks for the tips. we are working very hard to create a social networking site, hope the tips will help us to increase the alexa ranking fast.

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