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Tips to Evaluate the worth of any WEBSITE

Most of the Blogger’s want to know the answer for this Question,”How worth is my Website?“. Is that right? But how could I evaluate the worth of my website (or) any (or) my competitor website.

Tip #1: Don’t believe in 3rd party’s Estimation

There are many Tools available online, to evaluate the worth of your Website. Please don’t come into conclusion from the report of 3rd party web analyzer tools. Some websites may be updated, some may not. Some evaluate using Social Media impact over your target website, some using Alexa Rank, Page Rank ans some with total income generated through Pay Per click (PPC).  Websites using these strategies are acceptable, but you can’t predict which technique they follow to evaluate. So, following these estimations will be mostly incorrect.

Don't believe 3rd party wed tool's evaluation on website worth.

Tip #2: Look for Alexa Rank and Page Rank

It is the most easiest way of evaluating websites. You don’t need to spend on Google, to find them. Just add these plugins in your Chrome Browser. Generally, have Google Chrome as your Default Browser. It will be more useful to sync your Gmail Profile, easy integration and portability of Bookmarks.

  1. WebRank SEO 3.3.4
  2. Page Rank status

Installing these extensions, make your task more simplified. Using these, can able to view Alexa Rank, Google’s Page Rank, Total web pages indexed in Search Engines like Google and Bing, Backlinks from Google, Alexa and Bing and many more.

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WebRank SEO -A Chrome extension to evaluate Website worth
WebRank SEO -A Chrome extension to evaluate Website worth

Tip #3: Enter as GUEST in Website’s Google Analytics Account

Contact the corresponding Website’s Admin to add you as GUEST in the Google Analytics Account. So, that you can able to view the exact page views, bounce rate, real visitors and many more. It is the best way, to find the actual worth of any website in Cyberspace. You can also check the Google Adsense earnings also to estimate one’s website worth.

Tip #4: Hunt on E-mail Subscribers of the Website

Website with good sum of Email Subscribers is the positive sign. With the count of E-mail Subscribers you can predict the worth of particular Website. It’s hard to get more E-mail subscribers, Getting Subscribed happens only when people loves your Website. You can fake the Feed subscription count, So fake Subscribers count is another problem.

How to identify the fake E-mail/Feed Subscriber count?

In some Feed Subscription, the image count what you see will not be as same as the actual count.

Step 1: Find the Feed URL of the Website. (E.g:

Step 2: Go to that Feed URL, you could able to see the actual count of Feed/E-mail Subscribers.

Tip #5: Impact on Social Media

It is also another cheat proof technique to evaluate the Quality/worth of any Website. My favorite Indian Blogger, Amit Agarwal created an excellent Web App to measure how your website perform on Social Media sites.

Social Media Analytics

Just enter your website URL and hit on “View Report“. It will list the articles published in the Website with sharing count on popular Social Media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

He also made a WordPress plugin, get installed and view reports from your WordPress Admin panel.

If you find any problem in evaluating any website’s worth feel free to ask us via comments below (or) contact us.

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