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Tips to buy Premium Domain Names at Cheaper Price

Buying a DOMAIN Name, that too attractive domain name related to our Niche. Is that possible? Yes! it is possible but not an easier thing. Do you know! This blog admin is very fond of premium domain names. But he found it very difficult to get the trendy name from Domain Name and Hosting Providers say, GoDaddy (or) Namecheap etc. Later he found a better way of searching premium domain names. And by the way, the “He” is Me. 😛

Tip #1: Make use of Domain Name search tool

Use, it is the most easy and quicker way to search domain names. Here you can save the domain names you searched with ctrl+S. It has a Auto Generator to get random domain names. Here, we give you another trick,

  1. Turn on Auto Refresh.
  2. Type a relative name of your niche. e.g: Movies. That’s all you will get the most searched names. This is how, he got “Movies” for my friend.

Next comes the “Domain Hacks” option. This will help you to get your best shorten URL. And once again the best advantage of using this tool is, it contains almost all TLD’s and Country based domains.

Tip #2: Try with Top most Keywords to hunt a Premium Domain Name

When you come for “Blogging” niche, the most found keywords will be:

  1. Blogger
  2. Blogging
  3. Tech
  4. Geek

These are not because of Trends. It’s because of Keyword strategies. So, like this you find a good keyword suitable for you niche. Search for another word to add in front or back of your keyword. You can try this easily using the above domain name search tool (

Tip #3: Let it be Short and Easy Remembering

Please avoid making very long domain name say, I am using this website just for an example. Basically this is a very good website helps you in finding name of your opponent WordPress Theme and his Plugins. Okay! Let’s come up here. Make sure your Domain Name should be short and memorable. This will make your friends easy to type and remember, so that they can view and share your content.

Tip #4: Avoid using hyphens

Friends, if you are not getting expected domain names please don’t move on towards hyphen. Using hyphen is not very advisable because your audience may forget the site name easily. Hyphens create a distance between two words, this will eventually lower the Brand name of yours.

PS: Please don’t name your website name based on trend, because it may fade away anytime. Be sure in that.

Tip #5: Use Unique Names and go for “.COM”

As we discussed in Tip #2, if you are choosing “Blogging/Tech” as your niche. You can go for Geek, Tech etc. But if you want to create a new Brand name don’t try Tip #2. Try some cool trendy names like, “Slashsquare“. How to get like this? Actually this website is owned by, A passionate Indian Blogger -S.Pradeep Kumar CEO/Founder of Hellbound Bloggers and many more. Once we discussed about choosing domain names, he advice me:

Trick to buy Premium Domain Names -Geeks Chat :P

He is right! He may tried like this only. By combination of 2 trendy names Slash from, Slashdot etc. and Square from Foursquare, Timesquare etc. And here I have to mention this, always choose “.COM” domains. It is the best class TLD’s and if you are going to run an organization then choose “.ORG” any how buy both of them and make “.COM” a 301 redirection to “.ORG” website.

Hope I have given all working tips to select a pretty hot domain name. Now, how to buy this domain at cheaper cost? Here are few tips I have experienced.

GoDaddy is the best resource to buy Domain Names are cheaper cost. Let me talk about GoDaddy, They are the best service to offer domain name even at 1$. The Offer is really hot, but what’s the problem in purchasing? It won’t work at your debit card and asks for Credit Card. Here are few tries you can make:

  1. Create a VCC (Virtual Credit Card) from your Bank account and make payment.
  2. You can use some special coupon code to reduce amount. But GoDaddy won’t make payment less than 70INR. So, make a Roundup money to Charity Funds.
  3. If nothing works, start nagging your rich friend for Credit Card 😛

Working Coupon Codes for purchasing (Premium) Domain Names in GoDaddy

Coupon Coupon Codes for 1$

Coupon Coupon Codes for 1.69$

If you find any sort of difficulties in purchasing premium domain names, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you in buying domain names at cheaper cost. Contact us via comments below.


  1. ambika says:

    Thanks..This really helped me in choosing domain for my new venture. I also found quite helpful in providing comparison on different domain and hosting providers on internet and i found quiet competitive rates.

  2. Ajsy says:

    I am having a domain aliveeducators. Com how can u buy as it shows a premium domain for 250 us. It was my domain and I could not renew it .please help

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