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Tips to index your blog posts in Google Quickly within 1-5 minutes

We all know, Google is clever to index your blog posts by web mining to provide the perfect data for your query among billion of web documents. If you are starting a new website, then you will find this problem -“My website is not at all indexing in Google at all 🙁 “. Yeah, here I give you a few tips with my experience, to index your blog posts in Google within minutes. In starting, how much time will it take to index your blog posts in Google? Probably it would go with few days. In earlier times, the website with more Page Rank and relevant quality Backlinks alone get indexed in Google. Recently, after Google’s new hummingbird  algorithm even the new blogs and blogs under blogspot and also gets indexed in top SERP in Google. Still, there are a few tips to increase in index your blog posts in Google, even with bing and other search engines.

index blog posts in google quickly within minutes

Tips to index our Blog Posts in Google Search Quickly within minutes

Tip #1: Make use of Google Webmaster tools → Fetch as Google

Google offers us a wonderful tool –Google Webmaster’s tool, to manage and optimize our website to Google. Here we got an option from Google – Fetch as Google. This option requests Google to fetch your blog posts to get crawled by Google bots and make them get indexed in Google SERP’s. This could be very useful at the times of posts which talks about the events.

Using this Fetch as Google option by Google, you can make your website links get indexed in Google within few minutes. Wonderful right, but you have some limitations in using this option. You can use them only up to 500 times per month. Okay, I am sure most of my readers will be a newbie, and in our busy schedule we can’t make more than 500 posts per month.

And now, the one and only requirement is Google’s Webmaster tools. Here are the quick steps of using them to index your blog posts quickly, within minutes.

Use Google Webmaster tools to get your blog posts indexed in Google Quickly

  1. First, Login to your Google Account.
  2. Go to Google WebmastersAdd a site.add a site -Google webmasters tools
  3. Verify your website with a Recommended DNS provider.verify - Google Webmasters tools
  4. Get into your Website Dashboard → Crawl → Fetch as Googleadd url in fetch as google,to index your blog posts quickly in Google
  5. After submitting your URL, click Submit to index option.
  6. Soon, you will get a pop up option, click the URL radio button and hit OK button.
  7. Next, your blog URL will get indexed in Google at once.

To check if its indexed in Google or not, type this, post title. Your post will be displayed there, until its blacklisted by Google.

Other Ways to index your blog posts in Google Quickly

  1. Make your Blog post title more unique thing.
  2. Are you a WordPress user, use Google Sitemap Plugin to auto create Sitemap for your Blog.
  3. Discuss your Blog post topics in Social Networking sites. I prefer Quora and Google Plus.
  4. Content is King, so make fresh and Quality content.
  5. Add more inbound links within your post and make them Do-follow.
  6. Use Ping-O-matic, like 3rd party web tools to ping your blog posts by Search engines.
  7. Do link building, by making more comments on your blog post.
  8. Add custom Meta description to your blog post stuffed with meta keywords in it.
  9. Make sure, that your Keyword Density should not go more than 5%.
  10. Add Meta Title for your blog post, don’t forget to add your Keyword in it.

So, follow these tips and make your Webpages get indexed in Google quickly within minutes. And please let us know your experiences via comments below.


    • Hi Himanshu! sorry for late reply, BTW Welcome to Blog Helpline. After the Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm update, the total Google search results turned completely. It makes only original content to index, I am not sure, may be you would have posted some familiar content to Google. Or, try the above option, Fetch as Google and check again. It would definitely work! Happy Blogging 🙂

  1. rakesh says:

    Hi Mothi, my posts get indexed but after 48 hours. I tried fetch as Google too, but it also didn’t work for me. I do most of the things you have mentioned over here. How to get my post index within few hours?

    • Oh! then your site needs to be inspected. Hire a webmaster, and find a problem. It would be because of poor SEO Optimization, Quality content. and to be updated often. Engage in link building, which means getting quality backlinks.

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