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Tips and Tricks for Tamil Nadu Government Laptops [HCL, Lenovo and Hasee]

Are you an engineering student of Tamil Nadu Government and Govt. aided Colleges? If Yes! you are lucky to get a free Laptop at your Pre-final year or Final Year. Luckily I have also got one free TN government Laptop (Lenovo brand). It might come in HCL, Lenovo and recently they started providing Hasee (china made laptops). 🙁  Anyhow, get free laptop is awesome right! As it is a part of current Government party’s new marketing strategy, they made chief minister’s image on all over the laptop screen, over the lid, on laptop bag and so on. Also, I forgot to say that you won’t be having Wifi or Bluetooth on your Tamil Nadu Government laptops. So, here I offer free tips to disable boot image while booting your Laptop. And, finding best Marketplace for Wifi Dongle and Bluetooth device.

Disabling Boot image on Government Laptops [HCL, Lenovo and Hasee]

While switching on your Government Laptop, probably the most annoying thing we could find is our Chief minister’s image with Tamil Nadu Government emblem. It creates a cheap imitation on our laptop, that too while using them on public places.

The most frequent query related to Government laptops is just, “how to remove government logo from hcl laptop? or Lenovo/Hasee. So,here I found a solution to remove this Boot Image (BIOS Splash screen) loading in BIOS. So, its time to peek into your system BIOS settings. So, once you switch on Power Button, and click F2 to get into BIOS setup. This F2 key for BIOS setup may alter for chinese laptops. If it is so, mention me via our commenting system below. Okay! now you will be in your system BIOS. There you click on Boot tab on the Top Menu section to open Boot configuration. You will look like this:

Tips and Tricks for Tamilnadu Government Laptop: Avoiding Boot image (BIOS Splash Screen)

Here you can see Fast Boot [Disabled]. Click on it and choose Enable. Then its over, just tap esc key on your keyboard to save and exit your BIOS screen. Now, Restart your Laptop you can’t see the old BIOS Boot image and booted directly to your OS. It will also speed-up your system Booting speed. Enjoy! This technique is same for all Government Laptops. If you are looking this laptop for Photoshop, sorry!

Wi-Fi Dongle for TN Govt. Laptops:

Tamil Nadu Government Laptops comes with no Wifi and Bluetooth, but you can buy separate WiFi dongles and attach to your PC via USB pin. Leoxsys LEO-NANO150N USB Adapter, is the best choice of mine and its available in Flipkart. Have a look at here:


    • it works fine from my side, but I forgot to mention that after enabling fast boot click “f10” key to save and reset. And then, your Boot BIOS Splash screen will be disabled. Please let me know after trying this 🙂

      • saravanan says:

        my govt hcl laptop i am using bootable pendrive insert my computer and then booting option going to enable the fast boot option and then save and restart my computer, my computer display is not display anyting how do rectifie this problem please help me.

        • Nagarajan says:

          Dear friend,

          I think u uninstall the VGA drivers or it may be corrupted. Don’t worry buddy. U just uninstall VGA drivers properly from control panel first. And then re install it. Finally set the pixel size 1366×768 then restart the system.

          Just try it….

      • inbasakaran.D says:

        hai frnd,im using hcl laptop but there is no fast booting option in boot there any other way to remove that govt logo…….plzz let me knw.

  1. Kanishk says:

    Is there any possible way to remoe the BOSS LINUX OS from the government issued Lenovo Laptops, without losing the data stored in windows partition? If so, please let me know the detailed steps for the same. Thanks in advance.

  2. john says:

    My Laptop is goverment laptop lenovo B460e model. this laptop power not on. i tried AC power on the laptop its not working not indicate the power LED so plz share the ans and solve my problem

  3. Venkatesh says:

    I enabled fast boot successfully !! I want to boot new OS in my laptop. But the problem is I cant access BIOS setup 🙁 please give me solution for this problem.

    • Once you insert the OS disk, restart your PC and try all function keys. It will reach you to enter into BIOS setup. There choose primary boot option as DVD or disk. And continue to install new OS. All the best 😀

  4. ragavan says:

    My laptop medel is lenovo B460e. i cant find the “fast boot” option in my lap. it shows only boot priorities.. any other options u know..

  5. Surya Karnan says:

    In my HP government laptop f2 key not opening the Bios screen..! So kindly help me to overcome the problem.

    Thank you

  6. Ravikumar says:

    I’ve an “acer 4250s with AMD A4-333MX APU Radeon(tm) HD Graphics” Laptop; want to know how to remove permanently or hide the “TamilNadu Goverment” Logo? Please help me ASAP. I’m could not find a solution.

  7. velu says:


    i want to remove bios password in acer as 4250S model can you tell me the procedure to remove bios system password

  8. Uma says:

    Mine is lenovo B460e model. Does it require DOS for the windows 7 to function properly? wont it work without DOS? please help

  9. Kaviyarasan says:

    And also My laptop wont support Pendrives while inserting it it show the error msg like not successfully installed driver

  10. SAMUEL PONRAJ says:

    i’m having tamilnadu laptop. HCL company. i want to initialize the battery pack.
    battery initialization is the process of fully charging, discharging and then charging.
    ON the laptop.when you see the BIOS sign on message press the relevant key and enter into CMOS configuration screen.
    my doubt is, what is the key to enter CMOS configuration screen?

  11. Faiz says:

    Hi Mothi

    Num lock is not in HP Gvt laptop. F10 is they key to get in to Bios..but i do not see boot option in the Bios screen. I guess this is something to do with grub update ??? Pls help

  12. sethu says:

    Am student, I got free laptop from tamilnadu government, but unfortunately it lost. is there any way find it. Thx

    • Oh! I feel sorry for you Sethu. Unfortunately, there are some good prevention techniques but once lost, being practical there’s no chance to track your laptop. Least, you can file a police complaint, that too 99% won’t workout.

      Any geeks out there! if you have any idea, Please share here regarding this issue.

  13. N.Ananth says:

    I have purchased the Leo-Nano150N wifii adapter for Hasee model Tamil Nadu govt lap top. Since the CD cannot be used in the laptop, i downloaded the driver from the leosys website and installed. I do not know how to complete the settings and activate the product.Please help

  14. pranav says:

    i have lenovo govt. laptop. i am installing win7 hom prem os fresh install. but the crack activator not working. how to activate my windows? help me please

  15. devi says:

    i bought lenova govt laptop & i couldn’t get connected with vodafone data card.
    plz help me to get connected with my laptop throught vodafone datacard.
    Is there any additional software settings needed to install the net connection?

  16. VIJAY says:

    how to remove govt logo on HP laptop. i need it to be permanently removed plezzzz help me. i even tried by changing the OS but no use still it appears

  17. mano says:

    how to activate Ms office in windows 8 ( Lenovo ) .. I do have Hotmail id how ever is not getting activated.. its asking to contact the administrator..

  18. RAMJI says:


  19. sai guna ranjan says:

    hi how to remove the splash screen in gateway laptop im searching for long time I didn’t get good result can u please help me…

  20. Hariharan says:

    Hai, I have uninstalled my windows and linux in my Tamil Nadu govt laptop. Now i need to install windows. How can i get my windows product key .

  21. Muthu says:

    Unable to install Windows 7 on Hasee Laptop. Can Someone help me please.

    I tried to re-image my laptop. While installing Windows it show’s an Disk Error. I tried collapsing the Partitions. but no luck. 🙁

  22. arjun says:

    I have got new TN gov t laptop. It’s asks for password for everything like Microsoft Word .excel etc. … it asks for some 25 char password. I found 22 char I’D from underneath the laptop.its mot working. Can someone kindly help me on this.

  23. bala says:

    My laptop medel is lenovo B460e. i cant find the “fast boot” option in my lap. it shows only boot priorities.. any other options u know..

  24. bharath says:

    i m using acer gateway ne46rs (govt) laptop. its troubling at playing video, if i m playing anyway in vlc media player means its turn off the monitor with in 10 mins & audio is playing normally. if i m play any video in km player its increase brightness automatically within 30 mins & fast farward the video but audio is playing normally…
    finally i m changes all the power options (sleep, hibernate, turn off the display, dim the display) to set NEVER. but still i m facing that problems. plz help me…

  25. Harish says:

    I m havin hasee laptop.sterday i had a Pbm in shut downing the I long pressed the power nw its not opening wen I switch on the laptop.please give some suggestions..

  26. Bemesh says:

    i m using acer gateway ne46rs (govt) laptop .my laptop once press the power button powering on at a time showing display mode some options

    F2 or Del step

    f7 boot option TAB Diagnostic

    after that press the F2 or Del button nothing it will work

    press f7 key same not working but TAB key once press it showing

    american megatrends

    version 2.15.1229 copyright (C) 2012 american megatrends ,Inc .
    BIOS Date :03-10-2014 17:39:22 BIOS Ver : 1.01

    press OR to enter setup .

    it showing

    after that press del or f2 key
    entering setup… it’s coming

    how can i resolve the issue ?

    what is the problem ?

    pls help me….

  27. govind says:

    Hello to all,
    I have a tamil nadu government laptop with 32-bit windows 7 professional and linux operating systems. But i have deleted the drive where linux is installed when operating in windows os.
    Now i am getting an error message as “error:unknown file system:entering grub rescue mode” while booting my laptop.

    So please kindly help me rectify this problem.

  28. Karthik says:

    I have hasee laptop in TN, i need to shring the memory and add new volume . But at the time i was faced some error it is “you are already have maximum no of allocated partition so can not add it”.this is the error, but i have only three disk including C: disk,

    so, Please anyone help me…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!…………..?????????????????

  29. ANITH KUMAR. R says:

    I have a HP G4 1304AU model with windows 7 os. I have doubt the windows 8 pro os will affect my laptop. It perform well for few weeks and later it performs slowly and hanging. How to solve the problem. Please help it soon. If I change my RAM and hard disk it will solve or not.

  30. srinivasan says:

    I am get my new government lenovo laptop with wifi connection… But i don’t know how to switch on wifi connection and search everything…. Please help me

  31. Ganesh says:

    i have emc govt laptop…. i have difficult problem with my laptop… problem is charging led flashing always…. i dn’t plug the charger to ac…. but still it get blinking continuously…. give me some solution..

  32. Hari Om says:


    I am having a HCL laptop same as shown in your artical.
    I am not able to boot up as the keyboard of the laptop is not working.
    Sometimes it works with a USB laptop but most of the time it does not start (boot) because of keyboard not present. Is there a way to bypass this keyboard check and start the laptop.
    Thanks in advance.

    -Hari Om Swarnkar

  33. Jayaraman says:

    I uninstalled the office starter after installing office 2010 professional plus. Now the office is not activated, i tried giving the office key present behind the laptop but it’s didnt get registered. can you help me?

    I lost the office key due to wear and tear of laptop after three years. How to find the office key? is there a way to find office key using system id or something?

  34. Syed says:

    Hi, I’m having one govt. laptop.. Lenova model. I hope its the first model, they pretend to students. I’m using this lap for more than 2years. But being now, window pops up some unusual error such as “Windows detected harddisk problem”. Is there any way to get rid on it??? 🙂

  35. Prerana says:

    i am useing Hasee laptop ..keyboard is not working (In keyboard fn key is not working) is their any solution for this so that i can use.

  36. IIyappan says:

    hi, I have an acer govt. laptop. Is there any way to disable the chief minister image while switch to the laptop. help me to find out the solution.

  37. sartfaras says:

    i got a hcl me laptop ,i brought a tp link wireless adapter,but device does not get detectedby my me

  38. gowtham says:

    Im using hasee gov laptop..I don’t find fast boot option in my boot menu… So plz help me to remove the splash screen

  39. Tamizharasan says:

    Hi, I am using Lenovo lap, I have a leoxsys wifi adapter. I installed a wifi driver as well. But whenever I plug in the adapter, it shows the driver not successfully installed. Please suggest me a driver software with download link, that will work in windows 7 64 bit.

  40. Raja Mohamed says:

    I have using govt lenovo laptop(32 bit).No Audio Device installed problem occur .I tried many solutions from Website but no use.I cant find audio device in device manager.I try to install RealTek Audio device but no use kindly help me to resolve this problem Thank you

  41. ramesh says:

    My lenova B460e government laptop has one problem…when i switch on the power button .it is repeatedly showing the tamilnadu laptop does not going into os selection screen..wat can i do?

  42. vicky says:

    I have get govt hcl laptop. I need install windows 8.1 . But somebody says system was not working.Pls answer me

  43. Venky says:

    My lap is EMC. i have boot the operating system. but my system view only starting windows only. not booting. help me…!

  44. binoy says:

    gays please any can help me in hp246 government laptop ,due to some error in win 8.1 pro , i have reinstalled win 8.1 pro so i have lost the product key , can any body help me for the product key .

  45. Raja says:

    hi friends. i have a problem in my laptop. i hope you people can help me. i am using the government laptop Acer aspire 4739z. last six months back hard disk problem came so i removed the hard disk. the older hard disk is 320 gp. But now i bought new seagate 500gp hard disk and install windows 7 professional then insert my laptop. if i switchon the laptop its not opening. screen is saying that “your new hardware is not working,” like that message coming. so wat i ll do. if i will put that hard disk in another computer its working fine. Y its not accepting? whether i will work only low gp or any other ways is there? can pls help me friends to workout my laptop. current situation i cant go for service because am staying mumbai. so pls help me…

  46. V.BABU says:

    Hi, recently my bro got the TN gov Laptop GATEWAY NE46Rs1. While I am on the laptop sometime it works but After shutting down . again I will on the Computer, it will not on. Can you have any Idea abt this please share My Bro Laptop is Acer gateway NE46Rs1

  47. Vaigesh says:

    I have Lenovo E4325 laptop. I installed windows 8.1 recently. Then it does not reveal wifi. I can’t see wifi connection. pls help me.

  48. Deepak kashyap says:

    hey can u please tell me how to disable fast boot ,since i want to format my pc and i am unable to enter boot menu due to fast boot option checked i…. so it will be a great help if u can solve my problem my laptop is hcl me series running on win 7

  49. Ismail Ibrahim says:

    Kindly Help!
    I was given a Hasee H24z laptop that was used in Nigeria during election and it has a BIOS Password. I can not access the setup to enable booting on windows 7 OS.
    Help with the password or how to do it please.
    I removed the CMOS battery, pressed the power button after removing the battery but still it does not work.
    Help pls.

  50. zeeraak says:

    by mistake i changed all bios lenovo setup so if its possible plz upload Lenovo E4325 Bios images . config what and i have to change and security said and startup corrections

    plz guys resolve my problems

  51. karthuk says:

    Hello frds my lenovo laptop doesn’t load the windows. When I on it it displays the boot menu & says ESC to exit but it doesn’t exit and again shows the boot menu

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