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Tips and Tricks for Tamil Nadu Government Laptops [HCL, Lenovo and Hasee]

Are you an engineering student of Tamil Nadu Government and Govt. aided Colleges? If Yes! you are lucky to get a free Laptop at your Pre-final year or Final Year. Luckily I have also got one free TN government Laptop (Lenovo brand). It might come in HCL, Lenovo and recently they started providing Hasee (china made laptops). 🙁  Anyhow, get free laptop is awesome right! As it is a part of current Government party’s new marketing strategy, they made chief minister’s image on all over the laptop screen, over the lid, on laptop bag and so on. Also, I forgot to say that you won’t be having Wifi or Bluetooth on your Tamil Nadu Government laptops. So, here I offer free tips to disable boot image while booting your Laptop. And, finding best Marketplace for Wifi Dongle and Bluetooth device.

Disabling Boot image on Government Laptops [HCL, Lenovo and Hasee]

While switching on your Government Laptop, probably the most annoying thing we could find is our Chief minister’s image with Tamil Nadu Government emblem. It creates a cheap imitation on our laptop, that too while using them on public places.

The most frequent query related to Government laptops is just, “how to remove government logo from hcl laptop? or Lenovo/Hasee. So,here I found a solution to remove this Boot Image (BIOS Splash screen) loading in BIOS. So, its time to peek into your system BIOS settings. So, once you switch on Power Button, and click F2 to get into BIOS setup. This F2 key for BIOS setup may alter for chinese laptops. If it is so, mention me via our commenting system below. Okay! now you will be in your system BIOS. There you click on Boot tab on the Top Menu section to open Boot configuration. You will look like this:

tamilnadu government laptop

Here you can see Fast Boot [Disabled]. Click on it and choose Enable. Then it’s over, just tap esc key on your keyboard to save and exit your BIOS screen. Now, Restart your Laptop you can’t see the old BIOS Boot image and booted directly to your OS. It will also speed-up your system Booting speed. Enjoy! This technique is same for all Government Laptops.

Wi-Fi Dongle for TN Govt. Laptops:

Tamil Nadu Government Laptops comes with no Wifi and Bluetooth, but you can buy separate WiFi dongles and attach to your PC via USB pin. Leoxsys LEO-NANO150N USB Adapter, is the best choice of mine and it’s available in Flipkart.


  1. KAAMIL says:

    bro, I bought HP two yrs before I can’t activate MS WORD IT IS ASKING

  2. kishorekannan.j says:

    Hi frndz… I’m using govt labtop lenovo E4325 AMD A4-4300M APU. And I’m using samsung galaxy grand gti9082 mobile. I try to connect data from my mobile to labtop, that not connected. Always err msg on “your cable is not supported” I changed many cables but that driver not supported that mobile…

    Plz give some instructions to connect it.
    What can I do for that…?
    Ph: 9788998075

    • VIjayakumar says:

      Connect your mobile to pc.
      Switch on your mobile internet
      On your mobile open
      settings–>mobile hotspot and tethering–>switch on usb tethering.
      Thats all…
      Your PC automatically connects to internet.

  3. Dave StevenSon says:

    Hello hai ji i am using govt laptop HP 426 with windows 8.1 pro and the problem is window not activated ..it asking product key 4 activate .my friend also had that probelm but he activate his laptop i dont know how

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