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5 Things to do before you launch a Website

Launching a new website is not a big deal! Top Domain Registrars (like GoDaddy, Hostgator) paved easy ways for building websites. Do you wanna create a professional website? Go to, search for an attractive domain name, use a coupon code for price reduction at dead cheap cost of 1 or 2 dollars. Then, buy hosting space to install WordPress for a professional site or point your DNS to Tumblr or Blogger for free of hosting. So, building a website will hardly take me 5-10 mins. But, to create a really professional website you need more things to do. Creating a Brand is not that easy now, and Social networking sites are the solutions towards it. So, here we gonna our ideas and things to do before you launch a Website or Blog.

Things to do before you launch a website.

Important things to do before you launch a Website

1. Buy a Perfect Domain Name for your Website Brand

First, know the need of buying a Domain name for your Website. Last 3 years back, my first entry to blogging was started with, created a blog named not live)the when I was unaware of online earning, SEO and all other stuffs. I tried working hard and gave more useful articles to leverage my blog traffic, but even after a year with a large stack of contents, I couldn’t drive a decent traffic. Then, I found the logic of Google Search and the need for SEO. According to the Google SEO, Domain name holds the lion’s share. Yeah! after learning this I bought a Domain Name – and started learning more about SEO and made my blog Google friendly too. Here’s the article, I gave Domain Name tips for purchase.

For niche based blog, I suggest you to have a Dictionary and Google Keyword planner. Recently, I bought a domain name – for sharing funny and troll videos. Here’s the short story before the purchase.

  • Login your Google Account and go to Google Keyword Planner.
  • Add all the possible Keywords for your Blog.
  • Select the product category and get ideas.
  • Among the results pick a keyword with more monthly searches and getting high-bid rate.

In my case, I am lucky to get .COM domain for “troll videos” keyword (with average monthly searches). Recently, this confusion is rolling:

If “.COM” is not available shall I choose “.CO ” TLD. Will it rank well in Google search results?

Always try to buy “.COM” for creating a brand name. If you are doing any local business, move for regional domain TLD’s. Also, did you hear about Google EMD Algorithm? EMD -Exact Match Domain. Matt Cutts, Google Web Spam head stated that, hereafter google loose considering sites with exact keyword matching with domain names. So, try this:

Keyword + Thing you gonna do (or something alike) = Your Domain Name

Ex: Blog (keyword) + Helpline (trying to help others like helpline do) = Blog Helpline

Hope, you got some light on buying a perfect domain name for your blog. And, choosing a Web hosting service for your blog is up to you. Begin with a shared hosting, later based on your site traffic you can choose your Hosting plans. I always prefer GoDaddy, offering good service and Great UI at cheap cost.

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2. Create a LOGO for your Website

“LOGO” is very important for your Website/Blog in creating a Brand. And the Brand brings people’s trust on your site and vice versa it increases your website traffic. Make or get a good logo and place it on all your social media profiles, so that people can recognize you, and eagerly search for your website.

3. Create a Strong Social Media Presence

For any kind of Website, it should provide social signals to gain more audience support. Yeah! so after buying a domain name for your website or blog, create your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube and so on.

Facebook Group

Many bloggers are didn’t properly understand the power of FB Groups. This guy, Pradeep Kumar(Professional Blogger) is good at better usage of FB Groups. On whatever, blog he is gonna start he first begin with FB Groups. Found some right and interested people and added them on his group. MoviesDrop, an exclusive group for Movie freaks, is his big success among his FB Groups.

He began with sharing recent and awesome stuffs related to movies. And later it transformed into an awesome discussion groups for asking doubts and suggestions for good movies. Likewise, you can start and maintain a group and implement your ideas in it, try to help people seeking answers coming under your niche and reply them. It will automatically, brings you organic traffic for your blog.

Facebook Page

Maintain it like a portfolio for your website. Share your web stuffs with proper usage of Facebook Hashtags. Always, try to add long tail keywords as a hashtag for your Facebook post. Also, you can try possible combination of your keywords and find the frequency of posts sharing and add them.

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Other Social Networking sites

Also read this for writing awesome Google Plus posts. In Twitter, don’t hesitate to follow others and keep following more tweeters similar to your niche. In Pinterest, try sharing more Infographics under appropriate Board. And gaining traffic through Stumbleupon is of pure luck on you. But, In general they always give more preference to creative, innovative web stuffs and pay occasional visit for textual web pages. You can check this by visiting fun sites like 9gag, buzzfeed etc.

4. Choose a Web Development Platform and work on it

There are heap of web platforms to build a site, If you are about to blog, I suggest WordPress Platform. It comes with great comfortness. It doesn’t need any programming knowledge. All you have to do is, install WordPress and some important wp plugins. Then finding a perfect WordPress theme and engage with blogging.

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5. Learn SEO to boost your site traffic

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It is the technique of optimizing your website (web pages) according to search engines to rank well in SERP(Search Engine Results Page). Google is the best search engine with majority of searches, that’s why most of the SEO analyst keep focusing only on Google Search Engine algorithm updates.

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Things to do before you launch a website: Set your own blogging style
Set your own unique Blogging style.

Before entering into any particular niche, Say., Gadgets, be a pro in that. Get to Know a lot about your niche and follow similar blogs on your niche. Know, how do they work, have a clear vision and make these above set-up things to create a Brand name for your Website/Blog before you launch it. And,that’s all! Start blogging with your unique style. Share your opinions below and mention me if I missed any!

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