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How to write perfect Social Media description for your Blog post

If writing the blog posts is one part , wring an opt Social Media description for that blog post is the other part. How long, do you rely on Google! which changes time-to-time. So, get yourself engaged with the Social Media and create a Brand name. Some writes awesome posts, but fail to share in Social Media. Even if they share, they mostly do share by just adding the link and post it. It will end up  as a Spammed content. So, here I shared my experiences on, How to write awesome post description to share on Social Networking sites. It will differ from each Social Networks say., Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg etc. let’s get started!

Way to write a Killer Facebook and Google+ Posts

Writing Killer Facebook posts:

Post by Blog Helpline.

As we know already, Facebook is a great source to drive more Referral traffic. But, many of them are not properly using it. When, I write my article I will choose a wide image and fix it as a Featured image. It’s because, when we share our link on facebook, it automatically gather featured image. And the wide image will catch up and fix in a better position.

I mostly begin with my official FB Page, and move to Facebook Groups. Oh! I forgot to say this, I send my blogposts to all Facebook Groups through Email. While composing a FB post, I do make a Title followed by a small parah and end up with a continuation. And add my link at the bottom of the post. Be sure to write a compact post. So, that your Blog link should be visible outside. While adding your Blog link, it will automatically catch your post images. Here, your wide images looks good/big in your news feed. Also use HashTag, If you are writing any hotnews, it will be very much useful for you. Once, I wrote an article on Rihanna’s What Now, I shared it will FB page with a hashtag.”#What_Now_Video“.

Post by Soundcurry.

To my wonder, it grabbed a great response for a new start-up. Still, I am getting visits through that hashtag. So, make use of catchy and relevant hashtags.

Google Plus post description Format:

Choosing right option to share your Blog post on Google+

A serious PageRank Ranking factor. the +1‘s are becoming an angel for bloggers. It has a better post sharing options. Yea! you can add font formatting/ You can bold your text, underline, italics and strikethrough. As we talked like Facebook post description, make a parah. Here you can Bold your Title, make use of Hashtags. Use your article keyword and Hashtag, it will impact more in Google Search Results.  Also, Google+ is much clever to grab hashtag automatically even if you didn’t add in post.

[caption id="attachment_986" align="aligncenter" width="614"]Google Plus post: Formatting styles: Tips to write perfect Social media description Google Plus post: Formatting styles[/caption]


[toggle]Note: Use custom domain with shortened URL’s, to create a Brand name.[/toggle]

Other things to consider…

In Pinterest, you should choose a right category to share under it. Images, plays a crucial role for all Social Media sites. So, grab some eye catching attractive images. You can get those from instagram, pinterest etc. Also, try to use Photoshop to make your own, it will also be more useful in many areas. To gain traffic from Digg, try sharing interesting stuffs and side-by-side share yours to make it original. Pinterest is mostly used my women So, make it cute, women attractable. And I forgot to mention Stumbleupon, it loves only fresh content. Do you know! Google itself after hummingbird Algorithm update, started ignoring spinned articles. So, come up with new ideas. Before writing any, first Google your topic and find the no. of results/second. Atlast, I could suggest you to work more on social media description as much as you do for writing the article, because it is must to get a reach for your works.

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