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Share your post in all Facebook Groups through E-mail

On considering frequent change in Google Algorithm updates, it’s hard to rely on them for website traffic. The secondary action is to be carried out to safeguard our Website is to gain more Referral traffic. Referral Traffic, is just traffic on our website coming from other websites. So, concentrating on Social Network will give us a stable traffic. Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and Pinterest are the top most referral traffic providing websites. Based on some experiments with Google Analytics, we could figure out that Facebook is the most preferable choose to gain huge traffic to your Website.

Gain more Referral Traffic through Facebook

Get more Referral Traffic through Facebook Groups, Pages etc.
Get more Referral Traffic through Facebook Groups, Pages etc.

As we all know, Facebook holds 2nd largest website for huge amount of internet users. So, marketing your website on Facebook has more chances to go viral.

Possibilities for Marketing with Facebook

  1. Share post on your Wall/Timeline.
  2. Share post with Facebook Groups.
  3. Share post with your own Facebook Page.

In Facebook Wall/Timeline:

  1. Tip #1: Share your Website link along with attractive pictures relevant to the post.
  2. Tip #2: Tag the post with your friends (Tag with people with more followers and friends).
  3. Tip #3: Pick right words, answer type in order to gain more response from your audience.

In Facebook Groups:

Sharing post on your Facebook wall, will not reach to the greater level. It gets passed away with within few minutes on the Newsfeed. In this case, Facebook Groups will drive you more traffic. Let me explain in detail, there are plenty of Facebook Groups for adverticial post sharing. The mistake that we do often is, spamming with website links instead of sharing them (or) make them look so natural. Use the above tips to attract the viewers to get through the link.

Reason behind, Why Facebook Groups are the best way of Marketing

There are plenty of Facebook Groups for Post sharing. All these FB Groups will hold a specific amount of members. And, it won’t have instant updates as like your Newsfeed. So, your post share has the chance of getting viewed by many. So, you can request more Facebook Groups to join and share your posts. So that, you can drive a huge amount of referral traffic through Facebook. Say., You get sharing your post to 30 Facebook Groups. There is a chance of atleast 90 members get viewed and 30 likes and many more. The major struggle what people facing is, sharing same post to more number of Facebook Groups.

Sharing individually is the worst and time killing job. There evolved more no. of Facebook Apps which helps in sharing your post to all groups. Later, Facebook found that and started marking those posts as spam. Still you can make use of Networkedblogs, its a Social Network exclusively for voting and sharing your posts on Facebook. Its directly integrated with FB as Facebook App. You can share your post where you are admin. These would be your FB Timeline, Facebook Group (where you are the admin) and to your Facebook Page. Here your post will be shared only if you are the admin of all those things.

Share your post in all Facebook Groups through E-mail

We all should remember one thing. Long time back, Facebook gave E-mail address for all of its users. This is also for all Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages. The cool thing we forgot is, we can easily make use of those E-mail ids to share our posts to all Facebook Groups at one click.

Things to be done before sending E-mail

  1. Get your E-mail Id – Know your E-mail id that you have used to create your Facebook Account. To find them, click Account Settings from Settings button on your FB Home page.
  2. Become a Member – Give “Request” to the particular Group and wait for Admin approval to become a “Member” in it.
  3. Collect E-mail address – Collect the Facebook E-mail address of all those Groups, that you want to share your post. In some groups, occasionally they provide the E-mail address of a group. The best way to find them is by finding the username of the group. Yes! Generally the username or vanity URL would be the first name followed by facebook group email address

Say., If the Facebook Group URL is,  Then, the E-mail address would be #4 Save them – Save those E-mail addresses in Notepad, MS Excel etc.

Steps to compose your E-mail to Facebook Groups

  • Sign in to your E-mail address which you have used to create your Facebook Account.
  • Compose your mail with appropriate weblink and image. While writing, be sure to make a short description. Because, your weblink may get hide as Facebook display only excerpts.
  • Then, Copy/Paste all E-mail addresses of Facebook Group (where you are a member in it).
  • Separate those E-mail IDs with commas.
  • Use BCC field for sending mail to multiple Facebook Groups.
  • Now, hit send button to send your post to all Facebook Groups.

share your blog posts in all FB Groups via email That’s all, your post will get published in all Facebook Groups safely with just a single click. Setting this first time only may take a few minutes, but it will really become a one-click process sequentially.


    • Yeah! That works for all bloggers, dude. Still Twitter also brings an equal amount of referral traffic and that depends on the way we interact. 😀 Please keep subscribe us to get more productivity tips.

  1. Para caballeros Tienda relojes says:


    “Share your post in all Facebook Groups through E-mail”
    this method seem to be obsolete, have you tried to use it recently?

  2. p says:

    im sorry you were right, however i can post in many groups at once, but i can not upload an image from email (Gmail), Do you know if is possible?

  3. adrian buliga says:

    please help: i used to post on groups via email, it all worked splendid until 5 days ago. i can see in the gmail account that the email is sent, but the message never apears on the group’s wall. why that? did fb change smth? how can i see if the email reaches fb? did i get blocked/ banned from facebook? i posted on 80 fb groups and it’s all the same.
    i need some advice.

  4. Leonel says:

    I found a video on Facebook from a guy that claims he knows how to do it, however only joining his team he would reveal the new method.

    This means that if there is a way, it’s just a matter of time that it will become public. I will keep on searching and testing other ideas and will post here once I figure it out.

  5. Facebook really drives huge traffic into a blog. It can’t be neglected.
    And the method you have mentioned is very good, but if I post to multiple groups at once, say 100 groups at once, will not facebook consider it as spam????

    • Yeah this method is now blocked by FB, alternatively you can try Hootsuite -another best service to send multiple posts to all FB groups at one click. Please be careful on trying other free services, most of them are marked as spam by FB.

  6. Prerit Pathak says:

    Facebook is a great source for traffic. But I didn’t know I could share my post in all groups by just sending one e-mail ! Thanks for this informative and helpful article 🙂

  7. Arjun says:

    Though this is an easy and spam free way to share links, I can’t get a link preview, right? Correct me if I am wrong. If not, can you please suggest me an app?

  8. santosh kumar says:

    can u pls send me screen shot of mail composing what should be filled in each boxes like bcc subject etc and how they display on facebook????? up to how many can we post at once and for a day etc……., send those all things at the earliest possible

  9. jay mishra says:

    this option blocked by facebook. can anyone use it. pls tell. i am face the problm. not able to do this mathod in now 4 to 5 days.

  10. Leo says:

    hey dude! Now is January 2015 and this stuff is not working anymore.. the NOT working feature is that PHOTOS IS NOT SHOWN IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP even if you attached the photo in your email. Is there anyway we can fix this? Thanks for the feedback.

  11. Ritesh says:

    Anyone tried to post pics on Facebook via gmail method.

    If anybody knows any other way to do it same pls mentioned

  12. Pawan says:

    Hii @Mothi Venkatesh , this trick was works fine for me from 2 months but from 1 july 2015, it is not working, all emails are revert back to gmail. Is this techniques is closed permanently

  13. TheDon87 says:

    It’s work but how can I send videos…and to send a pic just attach it to the email you are sending and it will pop up on Facebook….but if you know how post your video and its pops up on the wall plz let me know

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