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Get Rediffmail Login Page – Rediff INBOX

Rediffmail is one of the best email provider developed by Online Shopping & Online News, cricket match portal. The Rediffmail is a web-based AJAX email service provider holding more than a billion registered users logged in their database.

Rediff Inbox – Rediffmail Login page

Rediffmail Login page: Welcome to RediffRediff has a great user base in it’s email platform by providing free email accounts. But, there are some limitations like they failed to understand the needs of their users. The Rediff INBOX has very less storage capacity comparing to their competitors. Also, they allow very poor advertisements in their free email platform which messed up the quality.

Rediff Login Link:

Rediffmail PRO – For professional eMails

Now to battle up the competition Rediff came with it’s pro version called, “Rediffmail PRO“. With this service you will be getting free domain name and email addresses. But, again the pricing looks huge comparing to GoDaddy, Gmail and Zoho.


In recent times, the Rediffmail maintenance is going down. Be safe from the phishing attacks, and login only through the above mentioned link. I’m mentioning the Rediffmail login page one more time.

If you are in mobile browser you will be redirected to page and check your Rediff Inbox.

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