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Recent Developments of NOKIA

This is my first review article on BLOG helpline, that too on my favorite NOKIA. When I just randomly searched over the Internet, I found this, The List Of Best Selling Mobile Phones via Wikipedia. Nokia, simply rocks in the Mobile phone industry. Till now, Nokia is crowned the 1st position with maximum no. Mobile units sold all over the world.

NOKIA –  A Sturdy Phone best for Money Value

Two years before, having a NOKIA handset symbolized richness. Now, what happened to it? Why the sky high device dropped down to the valley? All rushing towards SAMSUNG which uses Android . Do you know! SAMSUNG is the most leading Mobile Manufacturing Company in the World. This all happened because of Android’s arrival. An Open source Mobile OS owned by Google. Nokia  had a strong Hardware along with Asha and Symbion OS but, Android overtook them in Mobile World. They are the pioneers in making a robust device like Nokia 1100 (my favorite). But, they failed to update into current trends. I hope, this could be a solid reason for a huge drop in its Market Share and now, selling to Microsoft. Later, Nokia join hands with Microsoft and released so many handsets with Windows Phone OS in the name of Lumia series. The sad thing is, they are not pretty welcomed by the people and it was sold to Microsoft for a Billion dollar deal. ;(

Recent developments of Nokia

NOKIA- Official LOGO

Nokia is currently in research with innovative projects. They are focused to capture the high-end Smartphone market as Windows Phone similar to the iPhone. They are focusing deeper into Camera design. Camera Design! What kind of? Recently, they launched an excellent Smartphone with the Top Quality Camera –Nokia Lumia 1020. Since, they have released Nokia 808 pureview, with a 41 Megapixel in Symbion OS. And,  later they jumped onto Windows Phone OS. This new handset Nokia Lumia 1020 will be the delight for Photographers. It has got an excellent came Quality  -40.1 MP Carl Zeiss Lenas (same as Nokia 808 Pureview). The uniqueness in this new Nokia Lumia 1020 is, its integration with Windows Phone 8 OS and sleek design. Yeah! Definitely I should mention the design. Wow! What a great design. A one-piece design with 5 vibrant colors. Even, the Apple copied the color scheme of Nokia by its iPhone 5C. We don’t know clearly but, Nokia Lumia 1020 would be the last handset of Nokia before it was passed into the hands of Microsoft. If it was, then probably we, would miss the excellent sleek device adorned with powerful camera.

Nokia Lumia 1020 with 40.1 MP Carl Zeiss Lens
Nokia Lumia 1020 with 40.1 MP Carl Zeiss Lens

Is there any mid-range Smartphones in Nokia Lumia series? Nokia Lumia 520 is there to compete with Samsung, Micromax, Huawei in the mid-range Smartphone Race. In Lumia series, Nokia Lumia 520 is the 5th handset. And, it is estimated to be one of  the highly sold units (around 40 Million) in the World. Fortunately, I bought this charm to explore the Nokia device with Windows Phone 8 OS. The review for Nokia Lumia 520 will be continued in the upcoming article.

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