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Nokia Lumia 520 -Best among MidRange Smartphones

In previous article we dug more into . And now, I made my review on Nokia Lumia 520, which is the current Smartphone I am using with.

Nokia Lumia 520, An Overview

A sleek stylish Business Phone, which perfectly fits into your pocket.

Due to love at first sight with Nokia Lumia 520, I threw my old Samsung Galaxy Pop and bought this. 😉 I old device worn out. So, I nagged my father to buy me a new Smartphone. Had a little conversation with my dad,

Me: Naina (Dad), my phone is dying… Poor battery life and screen is also getting worse with dots. Please, I need to replace my phone.

Dad: what urgency, first complete your degree later you can think about it.

Me: Naina, I told you earlier that my phone is dying. We should replace know it…else it won’t be sold to get an exchange.

Dad: Oh yeah! (In half mind) What kind of phone shall I buy from you? Do you have any Suggestions?

Me: Till now, I don’t have any idea Naina, let’s Google to find a really smart phone worth for money (Having Nokia Lumia 520 in mind).

Later, I along with my dad dug the Web so long, and concluded ourself to enter into my pre-concluded -Nokia Lumia 520. It satisfied all my needs. Best for money, new User Interface, Windows Phone 8, large Screen with Super Sensitive LCD Display, Instant Messaging with Quick Internet Synchronization and many more.

Nokia Lumia 520, Best MidRange Smartphone of the Year [2013]

Nokia Lumia 520 - Best MidRange Smartphone of the Year [2013]
Nokia Lumia 520 – Best Budget Smartphone of the Year 2013
Our charm, Nokia Lumia 520 comes with larger display of 4″inch LCD Screen, 5 Megapixel Rear camera and the all new Windows Phone 8 OS. Why, often get into Open Source which also has too many security issues. Let’s try some commercial OS at cheaper cost. Now, I should mention about the OS, its giggling with tile view. A complete new experience for me, let’s view the table summary of its main features:

Nokia Lumia 520
Screen 4 inch LCD IPS display super sensitive touchscreen
Resolution 480 x 800 pixels with 235 ppi
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core 1GHz processor
Graphics Processor NIL
Memory 8 GB Inter Memory (Expandable up to 64 GB)
Battery 1430mAH
Connectivity Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
Cameras Rear: 5 MP (No Front Camera)
Dimensions 119.9 mm*64 mm* 9.9 mm with 15:9 Aspect ratio.
Weight 124 grams
Price 8,500 INR (in approx.)

Click here to explore more about its Specifications.

My Personal Review on Nokia Lumia 520

When incipiently planning to buy a Smartphone for my budget, I just went towards Micromax, Samsung and HTC devices. My friend insisted me to look into Windows Phone. Thus, I came to know about the Nokia Lumia 520 model. It’s such a nice device in terms of your money value. I hardly believe in Nokia for its hardware and design. As I hoped, it has got its unique sleek design. The device is packed with 1Ghz Dual core Snapdragon S4 Processor and 8 GB inbuilt memory. So, that you need not to spend your penny on external storage. An another offer for you, is 7GB Skydrive storage and can sync the content into your internal memory itself. Another specialty is it is an untold Business Phone. Yes! You can have all features as you get in a  Business Phone like Blackberry, on this Sleek Windows Phone –Nokia Lumia 520. This adds a boon for Nokia Lumia 520 many more. According to the statistics, it is the “Best Budget Smartphone of year 2013“.

Disadvantages I found

Though it is loaded with more beneficial add-on’s, still it has some drawbacks and here I list a few that irritated me to the core.

  1. You can download the mobile App directly on your PC by “download install manually” option. But you need to load those downloaded stuff using an external memory card.
  2. There is no File Manager to view your downloaded contents. Each and every time you need to sync your device to the PC to view and share. There are fews Apps in Windows Phone Store, to access your contents on the memory card.
  3. The UI. In all our phones we pay a special attention on our Mobile Wallpaper. Here, there is no home screen to stick your Wallpaper. All we have is the “LOCK screen“.

Rating: 4/5


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