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Explaining Marketing Information System(MIS) in Layman’s term

Marketing Automation: Marketing Information System shortly (MIS or MkIS)A Marketing Information System is a medium mostly in the form of tool, app dashboard, charts which helps to make smart marketing decisions with analyzed data.

David Jobber(Professor of Marketing at the University of Bradford Business School) said, it is a system which can be used to perform market research, analyze, iterate and visualize the data in multiple variations to make better decisions on a regular basis.


Why to use Marketing Information Systems?

There are several advantages of using MIS, some of the benefits are as follows:

  1. Understanding the Trends in Market Segment: One such example is Unmetric, which help brands understand the trends happening in Social Media channels. It can also be print ads, UI/UX, pricing. These helps managers to make better decisions in respect to the environment.
  2. Tapping new business opportunities: There are actually numerous opportunities available to grow your business(both online and offline) but the problem is with less information. By using the MIS(or)MkIS you can reap required data in ease.

You can also get more features that includes avoiding data collection disjoints, customer relationship management, multi-channel funneling, customer affinity, assisted conversions, data integration for better visualization of data to the managers make smart decisions. For more opportunities and read this article from omtexx classes. This is now becoming very useful for eCommerce companies and brands in order to grow and maintain their brand stature.

Marketing Information System: Best Software

  1. Google Analytics (for Web Metrics)
  2. Adobe Sitecatalyst (for Web Metrics)
  3. Salesforce (for CRM)
  4. Unmetric (for Social Media Channels)
  5. Radian6 (for Social Media Channels)

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