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Introducing Blog Helpline, Den of Web Productivity Guides

During the incipient stage, I really don’t know the actual meaning of Blogging. I just did re-posted the interesting posts I found on Web. I longed to get more visits to my Blog, but as usual I failed in that. After days rolled on I came to know, “How to Blog?”. The time when I understood my mistakes that I have done on my blog, started laughing louder. I worked on both Blogger (Blogspot Platform) and WordPress Platform. Till now, both have equal importance in Blogging.

I am not so geeky tech guy by nature, Gained experience by fixing my site and mis-configuring it vice verse. I am an Engineering Student, studying(actually not 😛 ) Computer Science. And by this year, I should have got placed. But why should I get into a corporate world and work under some monsters as slaves. Why should others make use of me to fulfill their needs? So hereby, I planned, “why not to start a perfect Blog School to teach start-up Blogger and web-entrepreneurs. I searched a good platform for that and Phew! Got “Blog Helpline” 😀

• Blogging Knowledge
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Knowledge
• Photoshop Skills
• Social Media Marketing Tactics
• And at last, he should be up-to-date with Internet.

These are key terms that a Blogger should be experienced in. For all your needs, your destination towards you need a one stop source. And here’s the right place for you. Welcome to BLOG Helpline.

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