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An Interview with S.Pradeep Kumar [Slashsquare Network]

Today, we have an exclusive interview with INDIA’s leading Professional Blogger and promising young Entrepreneur, S. Pradeep Kumar (Founder & CEO of Slashsquare Network). He is a well-known brand to Cyberspace by his HellBound Bloggers. Later, he started working on several blog niches like.,

  1. Movies Blog – Moviesdrop
  2. Web Hosting Blog – Hostlater
  3. Photography Blog – Photovity (Coming soon…)
  4. Gadgets Blog – Devicebar (Coming soon…)
  5. Gaming Blog – Gamethem (Coming soon…)

Slashsquare - Blogging Network

All these blogs are clustered under one roof, Slashsquare Network by him. If it has been launched, I think my bro would be the first Indian to hold a Blogging Network. In personal, even though he is a top-notch Blogger, he is really kind to help others. I think this would be the secret mantra of him to grab tonnes of followers for his startups. Let’s learn something from his Blogging experience.

S. Pradeep Kumar (Founder & CEO of Slashsquare Network)

1. You wrote an article about, “15+ Reasons Why I want to marry a Female Blogger?“. Did your parents know about this article. If so, what’s their reaction?

Ha ha.. No they didn’t. They rarely check my online work, and I’m also sure they won’t be disappointed with that article. 😉 I’m not looking out for any female blogger, I’m looking out for anyone who is passionate.

2. Blogging was mentioned as your passion since your School days. Definitely, you would have faced many frustrations due to traffic down. Being a Junior Pradeep, how did you manage those critical times? Any bottom line for newbies from your experience.

Yes, I have blogged right from my school days. Being a newbie, it took me some time to understand the Blogging World. When I started Blogging I was very passionate, in fact very passionate. If you ask me why, I’ll say I started blogging without knowing the fact that I can earn from it. So my only goal was to write and promote. When money was involved, my passion was stuck between writing for yourself and writing for search engines. I loved writing, almost any topics I admired.

S. Pradeep Kumar (Chotta Blogger)
S. Pradeep Kumar (Chotta Blogger) 😉

I had a bad academic life, I can’t even understand some subjects. I felt very dull about those subjects, I failed in all of them. I suck at Time Management so I couldn’t manage my time properly between Education and Blogging. I found the latter is better than the former. So the rest is history. Do blogging as part-time if you are a big fan of Education and if you are having higher graduation plans.

3. You are found to be too active in Social Media and Managing your Blog Network properly. How could you able to schedule your task?

To be honest, I became very lazy these days mate. I’m trying my best to be active on Social Media and try to promote my blog networks. I would like to thank my Smartphone for giving me access to all the online works I do, by this I’m able to get connected with my work 24/7. I usually work at night, no one to disturb me and silent time as well.

4. How did you come into Blogging? Did someone inspire you? If so, can you make us know him?

Like I said, I love to write and I love to interact with people, this could be the reason for my Blogging journey. When I started Blogging, I saw so many blogs but only few blogs were inspiring to me. One is and interacted with the founder Arun Basil Lal very much. This helped me a lot to understand blogging further. Also I liked the way Harsh Agrawal moved his Blogging career.

5. Who are you, in your college life? True statement will be appreciated 😉

I’m just a vetti (free) guy who roams around classes and does funny activities. Also one who fails in all the major papers. My online life and offline life is totally different.

6. Next to your iDevices, mention the Gadget that you can’t live without it.

My Smartphone! Currently I’m using iPhone 5, and I can’t live without it. Most of my online work has done via my Smartphone and this makes my life easier. I added Nikon D5200 to my gadget list. I love Photography and after some months you can see my photographs on a new portal owned by me.

7. Can you mention about your personal life…your family environment?

My offline life is very much different. I hang out with friends, roam around the city, watch movies, blah blah. Now since I got a DSLR as well I roam around various places to take good photos. My family consists of my dad, my mom and one big bro. One awesome family. 😀

8. If you are multitasking personality, what will be the secondary action along with Blogging?

That would be photography. This new passion hit me very recently. I started to observe various photographs and I realized the power inside each image. No wonder they say a picture is worth thousand words.

9. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose?

That would be Elon Musk. I admire him personally for his awesome works in various fields. He is the Tony Stark in real life.

10. Blogosphere is waiting eagerly for the reveal of your Software/Hardware setup, will they get satisfied?

I admire gadgets but really that much planned and stuffs. I just use my MacBook Pro for all my blogging works. It is portable and awesome (he mostly loves Tweetdeck, WordPress).


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