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Is it important to update your WordPress regularly?

Whenever you login your website, the very first thing that make you annoy is the WordPress and its Plugin updates. Update your WordPress regularly There are many simple tricks to hide this update notifications but, the question rises all the time is,”Is it really important to update your WordPress?” -“Yes” you should. Unlike other software and antivirus programs installed in your PC, you should regularly update your WordPress, as it directly effect on your website and that affect the¬†business. The WordPress developer team, are crucially working to find and fixing the bug with earlier versions and enhancing the integrity and security to advance your website. And don’t ignore the minor updates, updating after¬†few more updates may affect your website. In terms of security measures, regular updates will save your from hackers and malicious code, attacks through outdated version. Sometimes, it even affects your page ranking position with Google Search results. Updating WordPress Plugins is also very much important, it should be done as parallel to updating WordPress. On the whole, it will take only few mins to complete update process.

Another important reason to Update WordPress

The Plugin developer of updated WordPress plugin, displays what type of bug he fixed in the plugin reports. The hackers, analyze those reports and search the websites with un-updated plugins through the view-page source. And, they start attacking the outdated websites, so its safe and better to update your WordPress regularly.

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