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How to use Tumblr to build Quality Backlinks and increase Traffic

Tumblr -a fast growing micro-blogging platform and a blossoming Social Media. Everybody using Facebook, Twitter and G+ should take a look at it. There are so many White Hat ways to increase Backlinks and Traffic, and Tumblr is one of them. Tumblr can be used to post text, Photos, audio and video. When most of them use it as a Social media, some see Tumblr in different aspects. Those “some” are marketers and bloggers and let’s see how they make use of Tumblr for their Business.

Being a Professional Blogger, Why should I get into the Tumblr?

tumblr logo Tumblr, an uncommon way to build up SEO for your website and a great tool for marketing purposes. Adapting to Tumblr was a little bit tough job and I knew it’s scary because it’s new. Later by, days roll on I started loving Tumblr for beaming up my SEO and Traffic rate.

Why should I need a Tumblr Blog?

Tumblr is an engrossing Blogging cum Social Network site which completely varies from Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. It holds more than 13o.5 million tumblogs and receives 300 million unique visitors per month in approx. Which means, it has 15% of total internet users. Also, like Pinterest it has greater attention from people aging below 25 and more females. It’s time to utilize the resource and gear up your blog to the next level.

Actually, how to describe Tumblr? It’s a mixture of Blogging and Social Media. We could relate them like, the hybrid of WordPress and Facebook. i.e., because like FB, you can post text, audio, video, images  and can have a unique blog space just like a WordPress blog.  You can share those posts, do a re-blog with repost option, like them with love button and also comment.

tumblr - share, repost and like
tumblr – share, repost and like

All these functionalities remember me, Facebook and by the way, this is my Tumblr blog  which I used to share my Blog posts and some personal stuffs.

WordPress and Facebook combined to get Tumblr
Tumblr is equivalent to FB and WordPress

How to use Tumblr to gain more Followers?

Like all other Social Network, just sign up the details form. Hit “Click to Activate” button from emails received from you. Now, tada .. You will get logged in into your Tumblr Account. It’s all like Facebook and Quora with a dashboard, then start building up your landing page.

  1. Give a “Name” to your Blog.
  2. Choose a “Theme” you love. There are so many themes, both Paid and Free one’s.
  3. You can also edit your theme.
  4. Click Add Pages to create a new page.
  5. It’s all over now, get set start blogging. 😀

How to customize the Tumblr Theme?

tumblr -customize theme
tumblr → customize your theme

To make a Blog unique you need a Good theme.  Get any Paid/Free theme which plays well for your niche. Still, you need some more customizations to make it unique. Tumblr lets you edit the theme you installed. Here you can modify some simple changes like changing foreground color, adding some scripts etc. In some cases, I do add my WordPress Blog link URL in Footer, remove links or make it nofollow for credit links. 😉

How to use Tumblr for SEO?

Tumblr allows you to post text contents, media etc. We can also publish just Weblinks of some interesting contents over online. How could these things help in increasing SEO score of my website? Yes! They do.

#Do-Follow Links

Hi Bloggers! Here is the energy drink for you. Tumblr, unless other blogging platforms or Social Network it allows do-follow links. So, you can make use of IFTTT or connect Tumblr account with WordPress via Jetpack plugin. Using these, share your links after publishing your articles. To avoid making it just a link add some eye catching images to grab tumblers attention.

Like WordPress, Tumblr is also having re-blog option to share interesting contents that they find within their platform. In Facebook, we call it as sharing. By doing this, the link which we added in the content gets multiplied. Who cares? NO, each time your post gets re-blogged  you will get do-follow backlink from that blog. And these Backlinks, all together re-directed to your Website with the original post.

Thousand times you get repost … Thousand the Do-Follow Backlinks 🙂

how to use tumblr? more the reblog, more the do-follow backlinks
More the reblog, get more the do-follow backlinks

Pinterest, another popular Social Network also made the post shares, do-follow Backlinks. These features from Tumblr not only build up your SEO but also helps in driving huge traffic towards your Website. To make it possible, all you have to do is , create a Fan base to popularize your Brand and drive more Followers.

Let your Post, Go Viral

Tumblr is an excellent medium for Social Marketing to outsell your product over the Internet. But, how to do a better marketing? Like all Social Network, you need more Followers to do shares, repost, like etc. Get some working tips to enlarge your Followers.

  1. You first follow more people, so that they can know about you and follow you back.
  2. Do comment on other interesting posts and like them (Be first, so that the publisher can do the same for you).
  3. Apart from your products, post some interesting contents like Memes and Gifs.
  4. Make use of Hashtags. Tagging your post is too important, because Tumblr has a vast interesting content base. Unlike Facebook, it wisely classified all tags for greater content delivery.
  5. Post interesting Photos, Animated Illustrations, Cartoons and Quotes.
Post some Eye catching Gif
Post some Eye catching Gif

Tumblr, being a microblogging site it has a great value in getting Page rank. Even with few Quality contents along with consistent attention, you can able to get Page Rank 3 to 4 within the next update. In setting a self-hosted Blog, it is incomparable with WordPress even though, it is very easy to set up. All you have to do is just redirecting the IP Address.

Stay Active and Happy tumbling 🙂


  1. Hii Mothi,
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  2. Rakib says:

    This is not working. It is showing me; This domain’s A-record is not pointing to Tumblr. You need to change your domain’s A-record to:

    What does it mean and how to fix this?

    • Mothi Venkatesh says:

      In recent times, Tumblr made external links as No-Follow links. However, sharing things with Tumblr is always good as it has huge high-quality user base.

  3. sai says:

    Sharing links to Tumbler is a right way in SEO or not? If any problem will happen to site after sharing the sub links of site.

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