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Google Web Designer – Features, Tutorials and [Many More]

Google’s support for Web Developers has no bounds. Recently, Google launched an interactive visual Web Designing Tool – Google Web Designer. It is more versatile in creating HTML 5 webpages and Rich Media Banner Ads. In this article, we are not going to add any Tutorials, instead we provide you some useful Resources to explore more about Google Web Designer.Google Web Designer -LOGO

How it looks?

Here is the Official Website to download Google Web Designer. Downloading and installing is all just like the same procedure we follow in installing Google Chrome. After installing Google Web Designer, when I look into interface its all just like the combination of Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

Features of Google web Designer

  1. Easy creation of HTML 5 webpages, JavaScript, CSS and XML.
  2. Easy creation of Banner Ads with Rich Media.
  3. Compatible to all popular web browsers.
  4. Fluid flow with variable sizes (iPad, Desktop, Phones).
  5. Complete 3D Environment.
  6. Different type of views – Code view, Design View, Preview and Publish.
  7. Create your own Animations.
  8. Add Tags, Text, shape and events.
  9. Keyboard Shortcuts.

Using Google Web Designer

Open your all new Google Web Designer.  As usual, go to File New (Ctrl+N) to create new document.

  1. Enter the details to create a new Workspace.
  2. See, the below image to explore more about the Tools available and many more.

    Google Web Designer - Interface
    1. Tool panel 2. Tool options panel 3. Timeline 4. Color, Properties, Components, Events and CSS panels

There are many things to learn for this new Environment. Here is the best way to learn more about Google Web Designer, Official YouTube Channel.

Help Center –

Is there any Forum for Google Web Designer?

Here, is the Official Google Groups for Google Web Designer.

Is making websites through Google Web Designer be more SEO Optimized?

Google is creating web documents with perfect W3C Standards. And by the way, the product you are using is from Google. So, don’t worry about SEO and all. It will be in high standards only.

Future of Google Web Designer

It will be the best platform for all who know nothing about Web Developing/Designing. On the race of online tools for creating web apps, Google Web Designer will play a crucial role in establishing Webpages on your own. In upcoming years, no one wants to learn coding, all they have web tools to fulfill their needs.

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