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How to Remove Ads from Web Browser Once and for All

You’ll notice several types of advertisements while browsing the internet for sure. It’s annoying sometimes especially pop-ups, redirection, auto-play ads and so on.  Though, banner ads are quite excellent as it’s fixed in a place. If you want to get rid of all sort of ads then, you need to use adblocker extensions to prevent unwanted ads.

Nowadays, every browser has the in-built option for blocking pop-up ads within settings. All browsers have their extensions to avoid online ads on the internet. I’m going to show you how to remove ads from browser permanently with the different browsers?

How to remove ads from browser?

You might be using firefox, chrome or internet explorer right now. I am assuming you are using either Chrome or Firefox and even if don’t then, it’s time to switch your browser. Therefore, I am going to reveal step by step info about removing ads from your browser at once. Without further ado let’s discover how to eliminate unwanted ads from browser permanently?

How to remove unwanted ads from your current browser?

Google Chrome is my favourite browser for last three years. If you are a Chrome user like me then, you’ve numerous ways to get rid of irrelevant advertisements. Let me show you the simplest methods to disable pop-ups via one click. No kidding 

You’ll need to go through few simple steps to toggle pop-ups. Click on the right-hand side to expand the option at first.

  • Click on “Settings” menu and you will get a new window.
  • Scroll down and click on “show advanced settings.”
  • Now click on “content settings.”
  • Scroll a bit further until you find “Pop-ups.”
  • Select “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups.” 
  • Click did to complete the process.

But you can’t stop different types of ads such as (redirects, adware, auto-play, etc.). That’s why you need to install extensions. You’re about to see my favourite Chrome extensions in 2016.  I assume that you are aware of extension and its installations. I have installed Adblock Plus but you can give Adblock Pro (free) a try too.

These are my handpicked plugins for both Firefox and Chrome. If you know few more helpful ad blocker extensions then, let me know. I want to recommend following plugins to avoid unwanted pop-up, banner, redirect ads.

  • Adblock Plus
  • Adblock Pro
  • Adblock Ultimate
  • Adguard Adblocker etc.

Note: It’s fine if you block annoying* ads but don’t remove ads without any proper reason. I hope that you’ve understood

How to install Adblock or Adblock Pro extension in Chrome?

  • Go to setting   extension and click “get more extension” or you can Google
  • Click on “add to chrome” and wait till installation
  • You’ll see a notification after installation. You can check extensions page as well.
  • You are free to browse without disturbing ads now.

It’s exactly same in Firefox as well. Google your add-on and click install to start using it. It’s simple.

You can stop ads with default settings and extension but still there is a big problem. Did you ever see?

  1. Your homepage changed and it’s showing ads everywhere even when you browse Google
  2. Your browser redirecting your URL to another site Your website changed and it’s showing ads when browsing Google
  3. Unknown extension added automatically
  4. Even though you have adblocker but it is unable to stop ads.

It happens when you install files from untrusted websites and it’s called adware (trojan, malware, etc.). How are you going to clean your browser? You may go to settings and hit “reset settings” and see if it works. Don’t worry. You can restore

You can restore your browse clean as before with three simple steps which Ia m going to mention below:-

Download Chrome Cleanup Tool

Step 1: First, you need to download Chrome Cleanup Tool and run on your PC.  It’s going to take few moments to delete malware from your browser. You should turn off browser during the cleaning process. You may restart PC after that (optional)

Step 2: If you have purchased anti-virus then, it will prevent unnecessary, harmful ads by default

Step 3: If you’ve completed above steps then, you’re just one step away to rescue your browser. You just need to click on “reset settings” and you’ve done.  Congratulations! Your browser is fully revived now.

Also, if you are looking for an alternative of Chrome Cleanup Tool then, download Adwcleaner (32 or 64-bit) and follow the same process. If you have any issue then, follow this tutorial to get it done quickly.

You have to restart your machine after it finishes cleaning to see the result. There are also few more browser cleaner which you can exploit if you want.  Here is few more ad blocker software to explore if you want to know.

Final Words…Get Ad Free Browsing Experience

You’ve learnt how to remove ads from your browser permanently? Ads aren’t gonna bother you if you go through mentioned above steps. But I’ll suggest you to download (use) trusted sites only to stay away from this headache. If you want advice or ask me something, then feel free comment your questions. Hopefully I didn’t bore you too much. See you soon