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How to make my article go VIRAL?

Now, just think of completed your content… How to make this article go viral? One of the ways, that bloggers follow to increase website traffic is to create articles on tips, tricks, tutorials, videos etc.┬áthat grabs the reader eyeballs and make them share on Social Networks. This is what known as Content Marketing, which makes the article go viral, a Multiplier Effect. So, make your every effort on your article be profitable.

When your content became into an extraordinary, how to do content marketing to let the article go viral? Please, make no mistake to let your article be a usual one. The only way to let it go viral is Social Media Engagement (SME). Usually, even myself will always nag my fellow senior bloggers,

“Bro, please help me… how to get more traffic.. how to make make my article go viral?”…

They always tell me …

“No worries… make unique and strong content and engage with Social Media”.

There is no secret dark magic. All you need is, “Creativity and a sense of Humor“.

Attractive Headlines and Visual content: Let your Article go VIRAL

Even a crap content go viral, all because of Attractive Title. Most of the people buy books based on its attractive front page. This concept also applies to blogging. To be frank, all my landing pages are only under How-To Guides. People will always need information in descriptive, so their keyword search will be of How-To, Tips, Tricks only. So, before making your Title for Blog Post, Google them and find the “Number of Search Results in ration with time”, “Relevant titles”. Be sure to make your title less competitive and at a same time it should be Keyword centric.

And next we go to Visual content, Some people say, One perfect photo is equal to 1000 words, It’s 100% true. So be careful in choosing the right images for your blog post. Yeah! To strengthen your Brand IMAGE you need a right IMAGE.

Tips to get attractive and keyword related Images

  1. Go with Google images, get the right one you like. But don’t use it as it is, make some edits with your Photoshop skills.
  2. Search in Pinterest, using appropriate keywords in tag searches. Here, you can get more interesting photos and Infographics.
  3. Make your own Photographs, (or) your friends stuffs and add your caption over it.
  4. Are you a serious Blogger? Get images from Shutterstock, Fotolia etc.

Social Media: Share your content at peak hour

A Road MAP to content marketing - make your article go viral
A Road MAP to content marketing – make your article go viral

You completed all your works on content and also published them. What’s NEXT? It’s sharing your article on Social Media. Is it good to share your weblinks at any time? Definitely NOT, as because it was not much cared at the time. So, we should analyze the peak hour, when most of our friends and fans are being currently active online. Let them know your recent update. Share it, like it and it will get multiplied effectively.

Here, most of the Referral Traffic comes from Facebook and Twitter. Apart from these two social networks, I used to approach Google+, which is becoming more efficient and a considerable resource to gain more organic search traffic from Google. Reddit, Quora and Stumbleupon or other unusual Social Networks to gain tonnes of traffic, if we use them properly. Yeah! For Reddit, use proper sub-reddit and attractive title will gain more traffic. Quora, rise an interesting question related to your post and add your URL. Sit stay and watch the traffic growth. Stumbleupon is not that much worth to trust for traffic comparing to these sites, but once your content is stumbled and liked by somebody and repeated the same by other two random persons. Then, your article go viral for sure!

And by the way, Google started considering Social Media engagement as a factor for measuring Page Rank for any particular Website. So, at the whole Social Media Engagement is very much important for bloggers to make your position better in Search Engines.

Turn your Readers into Followers

Beyond this timely success, we have to try to make visitors stay on our site, i.e., to make your content read periodically. Its very important to turn your readers into followers on our Social Networks or E-mail Subscribers by RSS feeds via Feedburner.

You can multiply link building by creating some javascripts for any widgets or plugins and add your site link in them. So, the people use your script will knowingly or unknowingly add your link to their website. This is the most common, yet worthy tip to gain more backlinks.In Recent times, people started making Infographics, and the people share them. And, by the way I forgot to say this, Don’t leave your webpage with single content alone. Add related articles, make inbound links in your article along with some formatting to attract people to click over it. These are the epic ways of so-called –viral content marketing.

My Final words…

In simple, making your article go viral is like creating a virus and let it go. Think like a hacker, make attraction, keep hype your content. Worship Social Media, its the only way to gain more traffic. However, if we have the creativity and spark, a moment of inspiration will make your “article go viral“.

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