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How to get More Followers on Twitter for FREE

Do you want to know how to get targeted followers on Twitter for free?

Best way to get more Twitter followers for FreeTwitter isn’t a place to do chit-chats like Facebook. It is an essential tool to create a relationship with your customers (as a brand), find influences and earn money with affiliate products or leads.

But you can’t gain anything without a good no. of followers. That’s why you need to acknowledge how to get followers on Twitter fast and free without any investment?

How to get followers on Twitter free

Twitter is the 2nd largest social media network with (310,000,000) monthly visitors. There is no way you can overlook it (as an entrepreneur, blogger, freelancer, marketer, brand).

Let me imagine your situation which is most likely same for every Twitter users at start 

The following doesn’t seem enough to increase your twitter followers for free. Am I right?

You are following others (in your niche or area) and expecting them to follow you back. It might be fantastic at the beginning. But it doesn’t fit if you want to go to over 500+ or 1000+ followers. It’s a common issue. Therefore, you should seek out about how to use Twitter effectively to leverage your business opportunities?

You need to interact with your Twitter followers to maintain activity with them, and so I’ve compiled a list to help you in this situation.

Now, you’ve learned about the effectiveness of Twitter engagement tactics; it’s time to resume how to get followers on your Twitter a/c for free? These are the four things which you’ll require for getting more followers instantly.

Optimizing Account Profile

Your profile is the most important aspect to gain no. of followers. Check out some professional profiles to understand the difference.

Your Twitter handle

Don’t make your Twitter handle too big or irrelevant. You have to pick a beautiful yet short name within 15 letters. But if your handle is unavailable then, mix it up with numbers.

Profile and cover picture

You should use your original photo unless it looked like a spam user. So, you can show your personal picture or business. You can utilize cover image smartly by showing your skills (as an individual) or products (as a brand).


Your bio is as much important as Twitter handle and profile picture. Twitter allows you to express your character within 140 words. What should you put in here?

  • You can write about your passion, expertise, experience and achievements
  • You can impart some humor as well 
  • “BIO” acts like keywords during search results. Suppose If you’re searching “blogger” and if I’ve inserted “Blogger” (or closely related) within my Bio then, my profile could be shown in the search results.

Best Twitter Automation tools

But aren’t you spending your valuable time for adding followers manually? Hmm!! That’s a problem. It would’ve been better if you can automate this whole process. Isn’t it?

I’ll recommend you to utilize the top 10 Twitter tools to increase your followers quickly. Are you ready to explore?


Buffer is an all-in-one fantastic social media management tool. You are quite busy and so no time to maintain your Twitter profiles. No problem. You just need to schedule this app, and it’ll manage the rest.

You should follow a time gap, or else it’ll end up disturbing your followers. So, you need to determine the best time to share your tweets.

You don’t require to predict about your followers timing active because you’ve tools to do that for you. You’ll notice top 3 tools to discover the best timing of your followers a bit later.


Hootsuite is a free popular tool for operating your social media a/cs effortlessly. It’s one of the best for social media marketing, and that’s why it’s worth mentioning. This tool should be very useful if you have multiple Twitter profiles.

You can monitor your tweets and send them to reply without any hassle. Also, you can find mentions and connect with them from any of your a/c comfortably.

Don’t forget that you can auto-schedule to your blogs posts (by RSS feeds). It’s like a customized Twitter dashboard with enhanced features. You can integrate three profiles and two blogs in the free version.


Managefilter is an advanced analysis tool to make your profile more powerful. It has a feature called “Powerpost” which is very handy to increase your Twitter followers rapidly.

Powerpost schedules your tweets remotely for grasping maximum exposure. OOPS!! I almost forgot to tell you that it’s totally free. It’s an efficient tool to analysis your a/c and remove inactive followers smartly.


Tweetadder is such a prominent tool to follow/unfollow people at once. It is time-consuming always if you’re going to add followers from search results. You can skip it and save your energy. At first, head over to the site and filter your details according to your interest.

Tweetadder has a various filter such as followers count, keywords in bio, followings, popular users, no. of tweets per day and, keywords on tweets, etc.

You can acquire 1000+ followers by one click from the result. Also, you can unfollow similarly out of the list as well.


Twibble is a fantastic free tool that integrates an RSS feeds quickly to share your contents. It’s very simple. Add your feeds, set up your schedule and obtain new followers.

But don’t forget to set up the filters. You need a account to shorten your links. Now, you can input your preferred (must contain and most not contain these) keywords, hashtags (#), handle and featured image. Yep! It allows you to add feature image from your content.


Followerwonk is a free social analytics tool from Moz. I’m going to tell about its features quickly. You can search followers by the job, title, keywords, location, URL, no. of followers and no. of tweets. It offers three plans (free, target and multitask).

What do you get from free a/c? You can add a single Twitter profile and examine authority rankings and see followers based on their locations. But the most important thing is that you can detect your followers exact timing. Thus, you can share your tweets at the right time for the best result.

You can perform 50 profile search and 100 Bio search including keywords with your free a/c. Examine up to 25,000 followers and compare it with other 1,50,000 followers.


SocialBro is a fantastic tool to enhance your Twitter profile. But how is it going to help you to get followers on Twitter for free? It comes with both free and paid version. The free version is quite an outstanding with its significant even if you don’t buy the premium version.

Discover the best time to post tweets with comprehensive analysis report of your a/c. You can see your followers and followers instantly. Find out your most valuable influencers and associated information about it. It’s also compatible with Hootsuite.

Intriguing Contents

It will be utterly meaningless if you tweet without understanding your followers activity. So, be smart and pick your favorite tools from above list. You made a standard profile and ready with automation tools. But it’s time to consider the primary object which is content.


You should interact with your followers actively as much as you can to understand their behavior towards you before you share your contents. You can tweet your contents 1/3 time a day but share other materials at least 3/5 times as well to maintain a proper balance.

Where do you find share-worthy articles? Simple. Go to your favorite niche blogs and you’ll find several blog posts for sharing. Also, you can use Buzzsumo to find your preferred topics along with (Twitter) share counts. Act smart and make a plan to utilize these popular blogs influencers for your purpose.


Give me a break. That’s what you’re going to say whenever you see your dashboard. Because it will be filled lots of articles (& notifications) all the time from your followers. It’s irritating to me. Stop sharing articles for some time and instead, do something refreshing.

You wake up, open your Twitter a/c and you see a list of links in your dashboard. Are you give a shit? But what if you seek a beautiful picture, wishing you a great morning. You’re going to like the photo for sure. So, I guess that you’ve understood my whole point.


Quotes are an extremely beneficial to state something through words and images. Select a quote (with image) or just write and tweet for your followers. It could be funny, inspiring or anything for cheering up.

Gif (animated image file)

Gif is an image format which is capable of moving, and that’s why it’s amazing rather than a photo. If you want to find out Gif files according to your interest then, go to Giphy

Arrange a Twitter contest

It isn’t a new thing. Contest brings exposure always despite the fact where you held it. You can read the experts opinions about this strategy below:

If you’re still wondering how to get more followers on Twitter for free? Then, it’s very disappointing for me. Hopefully, this guide will help to achieve the maximum outcome from your Twitter profiles. If you have any questions/suggestion then, hit me with your advice and I’ll give a secret trick to make 50-100$ from Twitter without any investment?

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