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How to Avoid WhatsApp Fees for Lifetime

Are you the active user of WhatsApp? Before getting started, let me clear that we all know and use WhatsApp. It’s a most famous Instant Messaging Application available for almost all mobile platforms. Now, its also available for your PC’s. Recently, It got an update for iOS7 too. It became more famous for its unlimited smooth instant messaging even at the 2G (Edge) Network.

A Way to Avoid WhatsApp Fees


For every new Registration, WhatsApp offers 1-year Free Trial period. After that, you have to pay WhatsApp 0.99$/year to renew your Account. But, this is not one-time payment like other Apps, you have to pay for every year. Paying one dollar for WhatsApp is not a big deal, everybody can afford this amount for a year. It will be more cheap comparing to your SMS charges, but via WhatsApp you can send images, voice memo, videos etc. Then, why the hell you need to read this article? It’s just the user’s inability to pay WhatsApp fee with the required Payment mode. Yeah! everyone can’t have a paypal account, mastercard/visa card etc. especially for students, but WhatsApp is mostly used by students right!

Step-by-Step process to Pay WhatsApp fees

  1. Open your WhatsApp application and go to “Option → About Info”. There you can check your date of expiration.
  2. There you will get a “Purchase Now” link, and follow the link you will be getting Payment option.
  3. Choose your Payment Mode ie., Paypal, Google Wallet.
  4. Bookmark the web page, Copy the page URL then go to your Web Browser.
  5. Paste the URL and continue payment.

How to extend trial period (or) avoid WhatsApp Expired?

It’s more simple, just delete your existing WhatsApp Account and create a new Account. Your Account will get extended to next 1-year, This technique is working fine till date. I am not sure about the future, If anything changed I will surely let you know. So, Subscribe us for further updates.

  1. Like the above step-by-step process, Go to “Option → About → Account Info → Option → Delete Account”.
  2. Choose, “Delete your WhatsApp Service with Payment Information”.

Deleting WhatsApp Account - A Way to Avoid WhatsApp Fees

Press “Continue” and enter your mobile  and follow to complete your “Deletion” process. It will delete all your details on WhatsApp, now create a new account with WhatsApp. That’s all you will get another one year extension of free trial account. I hope this could better idea to avoid your WhatsApp fees. Enjoy WhatsApp ‘ing 😉 If you have any doubts please leave a comment below. I am ready to serve you 🙂

UPDATE: Many people tried this trick to bypass WhatsApp payment after expiring the free trial subscription, and complain this trick is not working out. I am sorry! this method works only before the end of your Free Subscription.


  1. Arun Sathiya says:

    Can I get free whatsapp again even if my whatsapp expired last year december? I don’t think people will need this trick. WhatsApp always gives free extensions to it’s user. I just got a free one year extension. A friend of mine got 3 free extensions!

    • dev_hakan says:

      Save money? Seriously?? It’s $0.99 man c’mon… do you realize it’s just two coffees and something like 6 sms (in a year)? do you know how much money and time Whatsppp developers pour into running its messaging infrastructure that make it worth more than $0.99? This is not a biased point of view and not endorsed by Whatsapp, and you might be surprised I’m a direct competitor of Whatsapp. But other than that I paid two years already. Think about it please.

  2. ishita rana says:

    I m a Windows phone user nd my WhatsApp z about to over in couple of months according to the expiration date…. What u have discussed about the trick above , to avoid the fee z only for android users !! Suggest some trick for the Windows phone , so that we can also enjoy it for free , or can get another year extension

  3. Sahar says:

    I did delete my account by my number, but after I registered again yet it still shows me my last expired date which it means I will not be able to avoid the payment. I want to get another free year trail and I can’t pay it by those methods..please help me…what should I do?

    • if your WhatsApp account is gonna get expired, you can move on deleting your WhatsApp Account from your WhatsApp Account settings. Later, with the same mobile no. you can create a new account with new details and get back the free subscription. It worked well for my friend.

  4. Erin says:

    My Whatsapp account expired last night. If I delete my account will all my Whatsapp photos in my Gallery be deleted too?

    Also, I am changing my phone number soon, will that give me a free year??


  5. zaid says:

    My watsapp gonna expire soon.wat if i change my number via changenumber in watsapp setting? Will d expiry date change? Or it wil b same as my previous number??

  6. W says:

    No it doesn’t work. I only started using Whatsapp past 2 months so I have 10 months left. Tried this method on Android 4.4.4 phone and clean/remove Whatsapp folder yet when reinstall again it shows my 10 months left.

  7. DJ says:

    Its not tested, but should work, as Whatsapp recognises u with ur mo. number.
    Most of them have 2 SIMs, would suggest to delete the account, take care you have deleted the account with ur number and deinstall the app
    Change the SIM card, install the app. (Remember if it finds ur old account, it was not successfully deleted) give the new number (which will be verified). After verification change the SIM and then in settings, change the number again.
    Of-course u will need data plan on the other number, but only for a while.
    Those having 2 SIMs and abt to expire the WA account, can test and share

  8. Adhish says:

    By this trick you can get 1 year more free service of whatsapp. Use this trick after the expiry of your account.

    For this trick, we need two sim cards. One which you wants to extend and one which you never used in whatsapp.
    1. Go to settings/applications/whatsapp and click clear data.
    2. Now open whatsapp and create whatsapp account on new sim card.
    3. After setting up new whatsapp account, follow this path setting(of whatsapp)/account/change number.
    4. Change the number to your previous whatsapp number.

    By this trick you can get 1 year more trail period but you can’t get you chat history back.
    This trick is for those who don’t want to change their number and also don’t want to pay money.

  9. akshaya says:

    i my whatsapp accout will be expire in 5 month so i can follow above mention step but whatsapp will can`t renew it what i do now sir

  10. sharon says:

    I got renewed 2 days back… and suddenly there was a notification saying expiration date roll back and its gonna end in a couple of days.

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