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How to use Google+ to increase your Blog’s Organic Search Traffic

Though Google+ is not a most successful Social Network, it’s now becoming a default sharing medium for all Marketers. All bloggers, Webmasters and Marketers are now started spending their time dedicatedly towards Google+ to develop their Business. Google+ is becoming integrated will each and every Google Products. Google Plus started rolling out lots of updates: It gives vanity URLs for all of its users, also overhauls the YouTube commenting system too.

Leverage your Local Business using Google+

Google+ is also started considering as one of the factors for measuring the Page Rank  (Google’s Search Algorithm) of the Websites. The “+1 (plus one)” started playing a crucial role over the internet (using even in Google Ads). Apart from other websites like Facebook, twitter etc. Which brings referral traffic to your Website. Google+ extracts only the fresh content and provides more organic search traffic for it. And you can’t use Google+, as like how we go to Facebook and other Social Networking websites. It will simply through your content as spam. In this article, we will be discussing about major utilization of Google+ to bring more organic search traffic to your Website.

Bring your Website into Google+

Explore Google Apps, it holds exclusive resources for all your Business needs. It offers free Email hosting, using them to create your own Professional Email Addresses on your Domain. Google Apps comes with Free trial version and Paid, using trial version you can make an email address on your own domain (Ex:

After creating your Email Address, you will be automatically synced with Google+. Then create your official Google+ page, Google+ Communties and YouTube Channel for your Business. Make Google+ as your friend, complete all your details in Google+. Add your Website URL in your profile’s “About” area to gain a high Quality Backlink from Google. And also make sure to verify that Website is yours. It can be done by, signing in to Google Webmasters.

  1. Add your Website in Google Webmasters.
  2. Go to SettingsVerify Details.
  3. Verify your Website using your Email Address.

This will create trustworthiness for your users ans also in Google Search Results.

Get verified Google+ Authorship

Authorship from Google+ is very much important for all Bloggers. It helps to enrich your articles and provide a better search results. For WordPress users, its very easy to get verified Google Authorship. All you have to do is adding your Google+ profile URL in your General settings or in your article’s Author Box. And for Blogger Platform, you don’t have to do anything. It will be automatically  integrated and you can preview the results in Google Webmasters.

Engage in your Circles

Unlike Facebook, Google+ classified users to get into different groups as circles. This will be very easy to share your content with Google plus. Making new circles are just like adding new friends on Facebook but, you can move them into different type of circles like Friends, Acquaintances, Following etc. You can create your own circles and have a name on your own. This facility was there in Facebook long ago. Be concious in adding the right people in the right circles.

Drive traffic from Google+

Like all other Social Networks, Google+ is also following the same process to drive huge traffic. And they are as follows:

Use Google+,  to increase your Blog Search traffic.

  1. Choose Right words: It’s all about attracting the audience. So, while sharing your content choose right and catchy words, add eye catching images, add asterisks and slash the title front and back etc.
  2. Adding Links: When you want to add a link to share, add them in Link section. It will be useful for both users and search engines.
  3. Add more circlesBy default, your post will be published in Public. But, you can add extra circles and also send email to Acquaitances (the circle you choose) to send email to all people in that circle privately.
  4. Use HashtagsUse right hashtag to get your post going viral universally.

After the Caffeine Update, sharing blog posts on Google+ increases faster indexation in Google search results.

More the Google+ Followers = More the Organic Search Traffic

Let me give you an excellent working tip. First deactivate your Facebook account for a while and do all your FB jobs in Google+. Go for 2 days, and then see the changes in Search traffic. This helps us to know that, Google+’s +1 button is also considered as a ranking factor in offering Page Rank. You can see quicker indexing of all your posts and a sudden increase in Organic search traffic.

Increase your Follower count in Google+. These followers, will get you more search traffic. Say for example., If you follow me in Google+, and you are now logged in and searching like “Photoshop tips“. Even though there are many famous articles and website with high Page Rank, you will be seeing only any of my articles in the top of the Google’s search results. This is because, you have followed me and do you know, Google+ is directly integrated with Google search results. So, it will be displaying all the links which I have shared in Google+. So, getting more followers in Google+ will automatically leverage your Blog with more Organic search traffic.

Hope you got more information on using Google+ and drive more organic search traffic.


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