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Google PageRank UPDATE 2013: Can’t believe you Matt Cutts

Today’s talk of the day for Bloggers – Google PageRank Update. Yeah! the most anticipated and mystery of Google’s PageRank update has got an end. Today, PageRank toolbar has got an update, some are happy and some or not. Most of the Bloggers have got depressed with PR dropped down. Whatever maybe, one thing is made clear. Hereafter, I should not believe the words of Matt Cutts – Head of Google Web Spam Team. In his last YouTube video, he stated that, There’s no more PageRank Updates.

Google PageRank Update: December 2013

Some of my niche blogs got PageRank updated to PR0-PR2 and PR1-PR2, but Blog Helpline still stays with PR0. What’s the Reason behind it? How to increase your PageRank? etc.

Reason: Our Blog Helpline Community blog, is just 3months old. Age is not a big deal, but I failed to concentrate more on Social Media and Quality Backlinks.

It’s all due to my hard times on preparing for my Semester examinations and other few personal reasons. This made me, unable to work dedicatedly on this blog community. But, the thing that made me wonder is, my other niche blogs have got PageRank updated from nothing to PR2. Those blogs are not even updated properly, but how they got this PR update?

Things to be concentrated for getting Good Google PageRank

  1. High Quality Backlinks: Getting Paid or Reciprocal Backlinks won’t give good for you. So, don’t waste your time and money on these practices. You can use Scrapebox – a BlackHat Tool, to get more high Quality Backlinks. Please don’t use it to make Auto generated Backlinks, it will be considered as Spam. Using Scrapebox, find the High PR Blogs and make Quality Guest post to make them accept yours. This manual work, will become a White Hat thing.
  2. Social Media: Google is now making use of Google+, an important PageRank ranking factor. Google can’t find the worth of any particular article, but via Social Media. In our case., with no. of +1‘s Google could able to understand that, this post is liked by more no. of people and it will be sorted in top SERP’s. As well as, Tumblr and Pinterest is becoming more loved by Bloggers for its dofollow Backlinks.
  3. Create Disclaimer, TOS, Privacy Policy: Search Engines can trust your blog with these pages. So, create these pages to make your readers to know about your blog.
  4. Quality Contents: It may bore you, but this is a fact. Try to produce Quality content, keep on coming up with new ideas. Here, many people still unclear with the term “Original Content”. Watch, all articles are very freshly baked and you can’t see any replica like this anywhere else in Internet. It’s the perfect example for the bay of Original Content. This will create a natural links to your website, which is mostly loved by Google.
  5. Semantic Keywords: Try to write a meaningful content, hope you might heard of Semantic Web. So, be focused on setting up proper keyword and writing according to it. Ex: If you are writing article about Internet you can set your keyword for web, online etc.

You can check your Website PageRank with PRChecker.Info. An also install Google Chrome Extension – WebStats SEO.

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