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Get Cut The Rope, Krrish 3 Stickers for Facebook chat

What are Stickers in Facebook? They are just extra-large emoticons to enhance your FB chat experience. In the beginning, I used an older version of android(2.3). At that time I wondered, how these people were sending lovely images instantly from their mobile phone. These stickers were initially introduced only for high-end Smartphones , the web version rolled out later.

How to send Stickers in Facebook chat

You can send stickers from your chat box, either in person or in a group chat. By default, you will see a few styles/characters in your chat box. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your chat box.
  2. In the text are you will find two icons. One is the camera, to send images and the other(leftmost) is for sending emoticons.
  3. Click the second, smiley icon. There you could find all your emoticons and stickers.
  4. Just click them to send your stickers and symbolize your feelings.

You can do the same for sending through your Smartphones via Facebook Messenger.

Get new Stickers for Facebook chat using Sticker Store

To get more stickers, Facebook offers you the “Sticker Store”. All you have to do is, click the Facebook Smiley smiley icon. Then click on the (Basket)Sticker Store in Facebook Sticker Store icon on the right last to the Stickers. There you can find more interesting special character stickers, download them to send via Facebook chat.

CUT THE ROPE stickers for Facebook chat

“Cut The Rope” Facebook Stickers

Get your loving Om nom (the popular character in Cut the Rope) in Facebook as Facebook Stickers. Facebook recently added some exiting Stickers, and Cut the Rope is one among them. Click Add to add those stickers in your Facebook chat.

Cut the Rope Facebook Stickers

“Krrish 3” Facebook Stickers

“Krrish 3” is the most awaited Superhero movie going to get released this Diwali. In process of promotion, the Hungama, A most popular Bollywood Entertainment website created these Stickers for Facebook.

krrish 3 facebook stickers


“Finch” Facebook Stickers

Finch is the emoticon like animated character, it’s the only Facebook Sticker which is .GIF animated.

Finch Facebook Stickers


So, it’s time to nag, surprise, irritate, kid, shock your friends via Facebook stickers of your favorite animated characters. Bye friends, now I am going back FB for nagging people in my circles. 😀

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