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Free Image Hosting Websites to Save On Webdisk Space

Are you Hosting all your Images within the limited Webdisk Space?

The world wide web is a giant place and most of the small scale blogs do not run on dedicated servers. They are powered by shared hosting providers like Hostgator or Godaddy. The disk space offered in shared hosting may or may not be unlimited. If your site runs on a shared server, the servers will surely be affected by heavy load and bandwidth will become scarce. It is to be noted that images consume a lot of bandwidth. The magical work around to make your site faster and responsive is to host images remotely.

5 Reasons to host Images remotely

  1. Saves your disk space if you have any disk usage caps.
  2. Saves your servers bandwidth.
  3. Makes your site to load faster.
  4. The upload process is very simple.
  5. Site becomes more responsive.

Top Image Hosting Websites, I found
Best Image Hosting sites to host your images remotely

  1. Imgur
  2. Snaggy
  4. UltraImg
  5. TinyPic
  6. ImageShack

Advantages of using Image Hosting Websites

  1. It allows us to host images from our computer or to host existing web images.
  2. In most of the websites, you can directly paste images via clipboard.
  3. It automatically generates the HTML code that needs to be placed to host images remotely.

Disadvantages if you host Images remotely

We have seen the importance of hosting images remotely and all the top places to host images remotely. Every coin has two sides. remote image hosting also has its drawbacks. So everyone should be aware of drawbacks too.

  1. The images you host are not under your control.
  2. If you host images remotely,you will not be able to delete the images.
  3. If the remote image host’s server is facing downtime , the images will not appear on your site.
  4. You can not claim copyrights over your images.

Now that you have come to know about the upsides and the downsides if this method it is up to you to decide whether to host images remotely or not.

There are in-numerous other remote image hosting and sharing services out there. Feel free to explore around. I have got the best image hosting websites for you. If you know others do drop your comments below.

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