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How to enable Facebook Login Approvals [FIX]

‘Facebook Login Approvals’ is one of the best options in Facebook Security Settings, but I couldn’t see this option, it’s missing! Later, I found this login approvals option is not available for few countries. Though they aren’t available, we found a fix for it.

Facebook Login Approvals: 2-step verification for Facebook

Facebook Login Approvals is a Two-Factor Authentication (or) 2-Step Verification security option for Facebook. And, as we mentioned earlier, its now geographically limited. This add-on security option, works when people access their Facebook Account in unregistered device (other than your PC and mobile). It asks you to enter the security code, that sent to your mobile phone via SMS. And, at each time when you access new browser (or) PC you need to go for this process to save the device in your account.

How to enable Facebook Login Approvals?

Here are the quick steps to fix this ‘Facebook Login Approvals’ missing option in your account.

  1. As this option is missing, here we use proxy IP’s o bypass Geographical restrictions. Tor Browser (a Best Proxy Browser hides your system IP), Follow the link to download Tor Browser.
  2. Tor Browser, will be downloaded in a .GZip format. So, extract it and run to start the Web Browser. Now, you will be hidden with some random IP pointing different country locations with timely changes.
  3. Now, Login your Facebook Account.
  4. Go to your Account’s, Security Settings and look for Login Approvals. Now, it will be available and ready to use.
  5. 'facebook login approvals' option available in other countries,
  6. Click it and get started, follow step-by-step procedure.
  7. what are facebook login approvals

  8. Add your mobile phone number with country code, you will be getting a verification code. Reply it in the Browser and continue. Here, I entered my phone no. and enter the verification code in the box.
  9. facebook login approvals (mobile verification code)
  10. That’s all! You have successfully enabled Facebook Login Approvals(a Two-factor Authentication security layer for your Facebook account).
  11. Hereafter, for each and every time if you (or) anybody tried to access your account, you will get notified via your Mobile SMS.

Hope! you enjoyed with this fix. For any doubts and opinions please make us know via our commenting system.


  1. Zachariah Joy says:

    I have login approvals enebled. But when I change my phone number, it’s gone. I look in security settings but the option was missing. Thank you for solving.

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