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How Facebook help us during Exam Preparations

When I stepped in from my personal life to professional life, Facebook became WTF! For me. Yes! My profile has turned like a pretty girl’s profile, loaded with friend requests… Unread Messages… 100 Notifications a day. Don’t judge me as Bombastic. My Blogger community knew this pretty Well. News Feed full of Blogger articles, sidebar full of “Like this Page” recommendations and so on. In a meanwhile I completely got irritated with Facebook. But no other go, I myself hardly dependent on Facebook for flirting jobs 😉 and maintain my Facebook Page of this Blog which could vice versa irritate others. 😉 Apart from all these things, Facebook is an excellent tool for “LEARNING“. Though our local colleges are too traditional to block Facebook access inside campus 😛 but they should come out of it. Teachers can make use of Facebook for assignments and much more. Here I share some effective tips to make use of Facebook during our eleventh hour Exam preparations.

How to use Facebook for Exam Preparations.
How to use Facebook for Exam Preparations.

Tip #1: Go Offline Chat

Chat on Facebook. This is the worse disadvantage in Facebook. Yeah! Unlike Twitter whenever I was totally tired and trying to get out of Facebook I got stuck with a new message pop up. To please the people unwillingly I have to reply to them. In exam times, while studying on the Internet, the Facebook will tempt you to chat with friends and dilutes your concentration on your studies. So, avoid them and better “Turn Off” your chat box.

Tip #2: Stay tuned with your Class Group on Facebook

As I do bunk my classes often, I even don’t know what the assignments are? So, I stay glued with our Class Facebook Group to get notified about assignments and other schedules posted by my friends. Even now, I didn’t have any proper notes for tomorrow’s exam. I just opened Facebook in one tab and started learning my new language (Spanish) in Duolingo. 😀 My loving friends posted all materials on Facebook. Also, because it is easy for file attachments with no worry for storage. Facebook is the most versatile website to unite friends and share stuffs rather creating blogs and all. Probably, it would also be a waste of time.

Tip #3: Creating Events for Exam schedule and Seating Arrangements

In college life, the worst thing will be set to go with proper Exam schedules. So, many times we would mislead due to our laziness. The college won’t spoon feed us, but we couldn’t turn out perfect within overnight. So, creating events is a better idea. Probably most if us using Smartphone would sync with Facebook. Enable Mobile Data to get event notifications with Facebook. I used to get it with my Nokia Lumia 520. Same thing for Seating Arrangements, its really hard to find our exam hall in the hurry morning before exams. Once our class representatives get notified about seating arrangements, they can post in in our Class groups to share with all (or) create events for them too.

As I am studying for tomorrow’s exam I enclose these tips now, soon I will update with more tips. Till then, stay tuned with BLOG helpline.

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