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Creating OS backup in DELL laptops [How-To]

After the release of windows 8.1, every laptop is installed with this latest version of windows. The first and the foremost thing you have to do is to create a backup in DVD’s. If you are using dual OS(linux – ubuntu) along with windows 8 & Unknowingly if have formatted your genuine os everything will be lost and finally you should go for a pirated one. I bought a Dell Inspiron(5520) recently and the first thing i did was backing up the OS.

Previously I have written an article on creating OS backup in Sony laptops. For sony laptops you will be getting series of vaio softwares installed along with the laptop. But in the case of Dell there will some other softwares or you have to install manually. It is very easy compared to backing up in sony. Let us see how to create os backup in Dell Inspiron.

Create OS Backups and Recovery with DELL Laptops.

Requirements for backup in Dell:

  • two 4.7 GB high quality gold coated dvd(sony or moserbaer)
  • Dell laptop with full battery charged
  • Dell control center

There are two methods for creating backup with dell.

Installing Cyberlink media essentials:

It comes along with Dell laptops. It is a proprietary software and for backup and restoring you need to upgrade to premium.

Step 1: Installing Cyberlink Media Suite software

This is a free software that comes along with most  of the Dell laptops. There are two ways of creating backup here.

Step 2: Choose

OS Backup in system:

Its just like creating a restore point. It will be useful if a particular drive is lost or corrupted. To do so search Dell Backup and Recovery software in your system. Select data backup and choose a destination folder for backing up the software and you can backup your os as well. Click select more in data backup and choose your os directory.

Step 3: DELL Backup in system

Backup in Optical Disks:

Go to Dell support center and click backup tab and choose system recovery media.


Now, click create recovery media and you will be prompted with the following screen. Choose discs and continue.

Select the Recovery Media and click continue.

Now insert a blank dvd and wait for some time. The total size will be around 7.5 GB. So you need 2 dvd’s. Now click continue.

Factory Backup is now in process

Meanwhile, during the process it will prompt you to insert another DVD. Remove the previous one and insert the new DVD.

DELL system OS Backup process gets completed.

Once completed remove the DVD. Thats all backup is all done. If your os is corrupted or formatted then just insert the dvd and recover.


  1. Jane says:

    Hallo Mothi!
    Great article! I had some problems with creating backup on my computer. And I found an article that explains also about backup. But I am not sure if it also same applications.



  2. nivas says:

    Hi Venkat,

    My Laptop is having Windows 8.1 Genuine version which came along with DELL Laptop. Right now I want to install windows server 2008 along with Windows 8.1. So Is it possible to make dual boot with Windows 8.1 Genuine version? If I would take back up of Windows 8.1, then is it possible to install windows server 2008. Can you please help me asap

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