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How to create Business Card Templates using Photoshop [Free PSD Download]

Recently, I made my Business card and shared with Facebook. What a great response! And most of them started asking me to make them like this. This made me curious to write a tutorial on,

How to create innovative Business card templates using Photoshop?

This is my rough work on creating Business Card Template, using Photoshop.

Mothi Venkatesh - Business card templates sample using Photoshop

Get innovative ideas to create Business card templates

There are certain things to do, before indulging in creating innovative Business card Templates.

We give you free advices:

  1. Create a mood. You may think weird, but this is the truth. For Example, One Artist can understand the mood the other artist simply by seeing his Painting. So, choose a pleasant place to make your design.
  2. Make your mind empty. Don’t think of any other sample business card templates at the time of thinking about your creation.
  3. Understand the NEED. Here I created this business card for my own purpose. So, I don’t want any specific rules, I do want a well-designed and likeable for all.

The step-by-step process of creating Business card templates using Photoshop

  1.  First install Adobe Photoshop software in your PC. It’s the best tool in creating and editing photos. And Ubuntu lovers you have Gimp 2.0 Here, I use Adobe Photoshop CS6.
  2. The confusion, what I got in the incipient stages is, to create Business card template vertically or horizontally. That, depends on our need. Here, I prefer a Vertical design to insert my Photo in it.
  3. After you installed Adobe Photoshop, Go to File → New (or) click ctrl+N  to create a new file.
  4. Size: To get a good proportion to add my Picture, I prefer 900*1200 pixel dimensions and 72 -default resolution.
  5. Background: The color selection is very much important for any business. It should be relevant to your Business you do, Here I have done a mixture of Black and Pink to make it glossy. Business Card Sample Background design - Tutorial on how to create innovative business card designs using Photoshop
  6. It’s simple, just fill the Background color with Black using Fill color. And Create a “New Layer“. You can add them by clicking New Layer button in the right bottom of the window. Create New layer - photoshop
  7. Right Click the Marquee tool and select the Elliptical Marquee toolSelect elliptical marquee tool - Photoshop
  8. Make a circular selection in your background using this Elliptical Marquee tool. Choose the Fill color, I chose pink color and filled the color at the bottom. Then, right click to deselect the selection.
  9. Go to Filter  → Blur  → Gaussian Blur. Here, increase the Blur size to get the fade effect and TaDa… you will get the glow effect just like the above Background image.
  10. It’s preferable to Add your Name at the Top of the image, just select the TEXT tool. Read this, tutorial to play with TEXT effects.
  11. Choose the Rounded Rectangle tool, increase the radius in the menu bar to blend the Rectangle. Add your Job Position at the rounded rectangle.Text effects and round edged rectangle button using Photoshop
  12. Here, the download icon and all other icons are downloaded from Windows 8 UI icons.
  13. Now, it’s time to get into design the picture position. Click Ctrl+o, to open and get your picture into the Photoshop.
  14. Create a White circle, in your face position using ellipse tool.
  15. Once again, choose the Elliptical Marquee tool, and select your face. Then select your image and place them just above the white circle. And now, its looks like image gets a white border. You can also make a border using Effects  Strokes. Increase the size to get a border.
  16. To make a margin, choose custom circle add give a light color. Then, duplicate the layer.
  17. In the Duplicate layer, add Effects  Gradient Overlay.Add Gradient Overlay using Photoshop
  18. Now, you will be getting a glowing, just like Windows 7 loading style. To complete it fully alike, Put a big white dot using Brush tool.
  19. To make it glow, add another dot with the same Blue color and make it Blur using Gaussian Blur.

That’s all, everything is completed. Now, you get a Beautiful Business card template using Photoshop. I also attached a PSD file of the above sample Business card templates below. If you have any doubts, let me know by comments below.

Creative Business card templates - Sample Free PSD files to Download
Click to download PSD file of this Business Card templates

Sample Creative Business Card Templates

Click here to get more business card designs.

Long Shadow Card

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