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How to generate Infinite Content Marketing ideas

Are you a Professional Blogger? then, you should have realized “Content is King!!” but, after blogging for months, you may run out of content ideas. If you are at this stage, then is post is featured for you. 😀 Here I have shared some really useful resources, which I came across in my Blogging journey. Some of the key components may familiar for you, to go ahead and grab the target content ideas for your next blog post. Here, I’m sharing my favorite traffic making Social Network sites for Blog content ideas.

Web Resources to get more Content Marketing Ideas!

Social Media – Best Place for more Exposure

It’s good to stay connected with more bloggers via Facebook, Twitter etc. As because, you will get more exposure regarding your niche and estimate your competitor level. They used to share their Blog contents in many Groups and in their Official Fan Pages. What will happen? They bring you some traffic for your Blog. Most of them think this is what they can do with all Social Networks. This is the point where they are making mistakes.

“What are you saying? Apart from these can I get benefitted through Social Networks?” – Yes!! There are many ways to get benefit through Social networks. Let’s take our all-time favorite Social Network – Facebook.

  • Often visit all popular fan pages of Technological Giants. Most of the popular fan pages like – Microsoft, they often share their updates in Facebook Official Page. From this you are benefited with up-to-date news about Microsoft. Like this you can generate Infinite Blog contents.
  • Facebook may be a largest Social Network of over few billions of power internet users. Yet if you stand for companies and educational, then you have to move on to Twitter and LinkedIn. Here I will add you a smart trick. If you find 2 to 3 articles cool and talking about same area, combine all these and form a Big and power article.
  • If you are making a tutorial, if possible make it practically and upload in YouTube. It will surely bring you more viewers.
  • Make use of Social Media and interact with your neighbor bloggers and develop your skills. Most probably they won’t reveal their secrets of blogging strategies. But by following all their activities over Social network you can learn a lot.

Pinterest, Get more Repins and innovative content ideas!

Usually I visit only pins from pinners whom I follow. For a change I moved on to categories, everything and popular. In category, searched for, “Technology” which will relate my blog niche. There are plenty of resources in a heap. I am started picking for it and started implementing contents with my words.

Follow Blogs of Social Networks

Regularly read the Official blogs of all Social media. It will surely give you recent updates about our favorite Social Network’s update. For example: after following Instagram’s blog regularly I found the new update of “User Profiles for Web” and “New Social plugin to share“. So, keep tracking Social media blogs too. Simply subscribe them or have a bookmark.

Best blogs to Follow/Subscribe:

  1. Google Blog – Not only for news but also to explore more about SEO (Webmaster’s Blog).
  2. Yahoo Blog.
  3. Twitter Blog.
  4. D’moz directory and other Blogs with higher PR value.

Trending Now, in Google

Active Participation with Forums

Get more Blog Content ideas via forum

My next practical experience. Having a regular attendance to famous forums like – Stack overflow forums, Ubuntu forums etc. Go to unresolved section and resolve it with your experiences and add a keyword hyperlink of your Blog. It will surely give you more traffic and do-follow link as well. The below screenshot gave me more no. of views for the article I linked in that question.

Take part in Social Bookmarking sites

As I told you in contributing to Social media, you should spare equal time in Social Bookmarking sites too. In old SEO strategies, Stumbleupon and Facebook helps you a lot in bringing huge traffic to your website. I have collected reports from most of the famous bloggers. In the 2013, best Social bookmarking sites to bring you huge traffic and content ideas will be:

  1. Google Plus
  2. Tumblr
  3. Pinterest
  4. Twitter
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Google Webmasters

Bonus ideas for new content marketing ideas

For Tutorial posts – Don’t read other’s blog post and replicate the same with your own words. Please work by your own. So, that you can know more about the task and blog better with your experience. If possible make a video and share in YouTube and add a link in your meta description.

Google Alerts – Cleverer way to update yourself. Register your account in Google alerts. Create an Alert with your focus keyword related to your Blog niche.

Search Experience – This may look “ODD”. The thing is if you have any doubt, please don’t ask it directly to your friends. Google it. Keep on Googling, will give you more experience about common search queries. So that, you can create articles with more user friendly.

Deliver Free Themes – If you are good in coding try learning layout of Blogger and WordPress platforms. So, that you can deliver your custom themes by adding your home link at footer of the template. It will increase your PR value a lot.

Infographics – Find cool and stuffed Infographics, get more information from that and replicate it in your own style. Example: CRM Definition

Recently I made an article about “Best Budget Smartphones below 20000“. Actually I don’t have any experience with all smartphones. So, I casually moved to flipkart and started reviewing best tablets according to my budget. In that I found many user reviews. Correlated all contents and and made this Blog post.

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