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Complete Reference on Semantic SEO: A Web Optimization Guide

The word “Semantic SEO” is the combination of two words, Semantic Web and SEO(Search Engine Optimization). And the root word is SEO, it is the practice of better optimizing the webpages to increase the search engine visibility and gain traffic through it. In early development of Search engines, they find hard to collect webpages and thus the keyword search idea was began. Most of the popular Search engines started using keyword search mechanism to select webpages and list in its search results. Among them Google became more popular with its “PageRank” algorithm. And it was all about no. of backlinks and keyword matches.

Hummingbird Algorithm recovery: semantic seo tips

Although there are more no. of Google search algorithm updates, Webmasters and SEO experts, finds a way for SEO to leverage their search engine traffic. And here are the 5 Major factors, that impacts more in earlier SEO:

  1. Target Keyword
  2. Meta Description
  3. Meta Keywords
  4. Keyword density
  5. Backlinks relevant to your Website

After a few decades, Google recently replaced its PageRank(search engine Algorithm) into Hummingbird Algorithm. Many thinks, its an update just like Google Panda and Google Penguin. But, sorry folks, it may be your misconception. This Hummingbird Algorithm is completely a new Algorithm, which uses Semantic Web. And, one more important thing, publishing copied contents after spinning is not gonna work anymore.

What is Semantic Web?

We have already discussed a lot about Semantic Web, and to say in simple, its a meaningful search. Semantic Web is completely developed with XML data, OWL, Ontologies and RDF Frameworks. The prime am for the need of Semantic Web is to make the web crawlers (or) bots that crawl your webpages should understand what you have written by itself. Checkout this presentation to understand a lot about Semantic Web.

What is Semantic SEO and Why do we need it?

I think, now you can relate the Semantic Web to Semantic SEO. It’s an another Optimization technique to structure your article semantically. Unlike other Google Updates like Panda, Penguin etc. overcoming Hummingbird Algorithm is not possible with strategies. As it used Semantic web concepts, we need Semantic SEO to rank well in Google SERP’s. For that, you need to provide Quality content but is it possible to compete with high PR websites? YES! you can. And, here are the exclusive Semantic SEO tips to practice:

  1. Long post or short post doesn’t matters, but make it unique and crisp.
  2. Change your idea of Keyword stuffing. If you keyword is about to be “Online Marketing” stuff your article with the most relevant keywords. I follow this, original keyword(1%), related keywords(2-3%) as the total keyword density.
  3. Choose the right word for your Title, and add your keyword at the first of your title.
  4. Use Long tail Keywords. Ex: “text effects using Photoshop“. If you are about to insert stop words, let it be. Don’t care much about inserting stop words like “a, from” as your keyword.
  5. Pay more attention to Co-Citations and Microformats, to make search engine crawlers trust on your website.
  6. Create more Social Signals, we got a recent talks that Social Media Presence is also an important ranking factor.
  7. Don’t waste your time on building backlinks, Google became clever enough to find organic backlinks.
  8. Build your internal links logically.

Almost all information is already available in the internet, so what? dig more. make more search query what common man would search for his needs, if there is no relevant article! you are lucky then, search for it, it will definitely be available but in some other way, either in some unstructured manner. Make it more semantic write by easy understandable. This is all Semantic web(hummingbird algorithm) wants from you. I hope this could be more useful SEO tips for this year. If you have any doubts, please let me know them via our commenting system below.

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