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How to bypass Internet Geographic Restrictions

Netflix Not Available - Internet Geographic Restrictions

The Internet is an open network pool with limitless boundaries. But still, we face some Geographic restrictions to access certain websites. It happens especially in streaming movies and serials in websites like Hulu, Netflix etc.

This service is not available in your country” – The phrase that keeps annoying us more.

So in Blog Helpline, now we learn what we can do to skip these Internet geographical restrictions easily and simply.

Tunlr, bypass Internet Geographic Limitation with DNS

Tunlr - Best WEB tool to bypass Internet Geographical Limitation

Tunlr is a very simple service that lets skip geographical restrictions with just configure your DNS server. DNS  – Domain Name Server is the system, that is responsible for translating Internet addresses ( for example ) to IP addresses that computers understand. When configuring the DNS of Tunlr on our computer, every time you want to access a page. And, you will send a request to Tunlr to tell us what is your IP, and Tunlr tell us any other server as DNS standard .

The funny thing is, when you try to access a service with geographical restrictions, such as Netflix or Hulu. In that case, Tunlr gives you the IP address of a proxy located in the United States. The request comes from the proxy to Netflix, it will be coming from the United States and the content will come to you without restriction.

The main advantage is that it is transparent to the user. And it won’t slow down as much as a proxy permanently browsing and downloading content. Just do recommend that to enhance the experience, activate the DNS only when you need it. In their FAQ given several options to change it easily without having to meddle DNS settings .

How to setup Tunlr on your PC?

To set Tunlr on your computer, you have to change the addresses of DNS to and . Tunlr has guides for all operating systems on which it is supported.

The only problem in Tumlr is, it only works with the services they are configured . You can access the most common, like Hulu or Pandora, but others are not supported. In addition, to access Netflix USA you have to add your IP to a wait list , and not always available space.

Hola -unblocked sites also accelerates your connection

hola - unblock all blocked sites and allow us to watch Netflix, HULU outside U.S. regarless of Geographical Restrictions

We, now have a more complete solution, HOLA . The HOLA is silent in the background until it detects that visits a site with geographical restrictions. Then it automatically redirects you through a VPN in USA or in the UK.

The good thing is that, in Hola you can also configure it manually. You just press the Extension button or taskbar and choose the proxy you want to view the blocked website.

HOLA, is free and very easy to install. You can get as Chrome or Firefox extension, or as a complete program for Android or Windows.

What is the advantage of a complete program? Besides allowing you to configure VPN’s for any program (not just the browser) works to also accelerate your connection , caching content downloads (web pages, images and files) and uploading them also from other computers with HOLA. So to speak, it is as applied to P2P web browsing.

If all fails, VPN network is here

Although the two solutions, we have discussed above are easy to use, in some cases it may not serve.  The solution that we can trust is normally the VPN networks.

There are many suppliers online and sure everyone you have your favorite. I would highlight Private Tunnel , which provides payment data transmitted and has a quota of 100 MB free, BolehVPN for good customer service and Private Internet Access by the wide range of devices and supported clients .

With all this, you should be able to jump almost any geographical restriction is put forward . Help us to know what services you are using to bypass Internet Geographic restrictions via comments below.

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