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Best Email Services to send encrypted or protected emails

Sending sensitive company Emails through ordinary Email Services like Gmail, Yahoo is not a secure way. It can be easily easily tracked by Attackers. However there are many efficient email services that can encrypt your Emails. They provide high protection to send your emails securely to the defined email destination.

Top 10 Best Free Encrypted Email Services

Lavabit: Best Free Encrypted Email Service

Lavabit, was one among the most famous Email Services in handling emails and encrypt them. But, after the closing of the service due to U.S government as they don’t like secret email transfers. Now, we have collected some best encrypted email services, which would be the better alternatives to Lavabit in sending secure email, instant messaging, disposable mails and files etc.


hushmail - One among the best Email Services to send Encrypted Emails
Hushmail – Best Email Service to send Encrypted Emails

Hushmail is one of the most popular email service to send encrypted emails. It uses HTTPS Protocol by default and figure our emails using algorithms specified in the Open PGP  standard. For users, the mails sent are encrypted and you have to remember only your password / encryption key. We can have a free Hushmail account with 25 MB of space. It provides premium accounts, we can choose 1 or 10 GB of space per 34.99$ or 49.98$ annually. We also have the option to use our custom domain for 5.24$ per month and user.

Official site | Hushmail

Tor Mail

TorMail - Send secret encrpted mails
TorMail – TOR Email service

The Tor service could not miss, Tor Mail. Its a website that not only encrypts your messages, but in addition also gives us a total anonymity. It’s completely free, but we have to install Tor Browser to access the webpage. Yet sarcasm still prevails, that U.S government is well behind the service.

Official site | TorMail(dot)org

S-Mail Encrypted Email Services

Through S-Mail, you can send email that is encrypted with 128-bit keys generated randomly. And also signed with a key of 1024 bits verification. The encryption key additionally encrypted with another key of 2048 bits. A person who does not have the encryption key will mail as in the picture above. This service is free, but have several limitations: 20 MB space, 10 contacts in the phonebook, 10 folders etc. We can increase these limits by hiring a premium plan for 5$ monthly to 13.5$ quarterly.

Official site | S-Mail

Disposable Mailboxes: Tempinbox, GuerrillaMail or Mailinator

What do what we want, rather than encrypted emails? Its anonymous in specific cases ? In that case nothing better than a disposable email id and emails. Tempinbox , GuerrillaMail or Mailinator are some good web services that provide such mailboxes. It allowing us to send and receive anonymous messages to addresses that disappear after a while. They are used mainly to redirect messages from SPAM and are usually free. And of course, once the mailbox disappears, there will be no trace of your emails.

The Future Promising Email Services: Mega, Yahoo, Dark Mail

megaupload - Upcoming best email services

These Email services induced large companies to react , and some have promised security for their services. In this case Yahoo , which encrypt your Yahoo Mail after filtration did by the NSA on their servers. We are also aware of Dark Mail , the postal cryptographic service that has been announced by the creator of fallen Lavabit. And email service protected from Mega has to be part of that platform created by Kim Dotcom. These are initiatives that would create a major impact in future Email privacy.

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