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Easy Backup/Restore your WordPress Website in GoDaddy

Hello readers !! You may familiar with, “how to backup your WordPress website in GoDaddy“. There may be many ways to keep your backup safe in your FTP manager (CPanel). Up to my knowledge, there are many online cloud storages available to backup your website, but I strongly prefer taking backup and database also in offline storage. So, I like to share my experiences to  show you about how to safely download (i mean backup) your website in offline storage. As I mentioned above, this guide is exclusive for GoDaddy users. Let’s explore some thing about GoDaddy and backup procedures for your Website.

WordPress backup in GoDaddy hosting

How to Backup your WordPress Website in GoDaddy[Step-by-Step]

Here I have attached a link to download a – GoDaddy Website Backup tool.

  1. Download this archive file and extract it and open the sitebackup.php file in your notepad.
  2. Edit “my password” with your password and save the file.
  3. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  4. Select Domains -> web-hosting -> FTP file manager.
  5. Upload the edited .php file to the root directory.
  6.  Then go to your web browser “”
  7. Enter the password  that you have entered in that php file.
  8. Wait for few seconds to get the download link.
  9. Download all your website and store in your local storage.

Here all what we have discussed is only about how to backup your WordPress Website in GoDaddy. How to backup my SQL ? Now let me add few steps to backup Database SQL files. Here I request you to install “WP_database manager” plugin in your WordPress. Why I insist you to get this plugin is it is officially recommended plugin from GoDaddy. Immediately after installing this plugin you will be noticed this error message. Don’t get panic of this error message, as  GoDaddy is using various servers to host all your MySQL databases. That’s why they cannot get accessed by “mysqldump” command. So, there is no need to mention “mysqldump_path”. 

  1. After installing the plugin go to database -> Backup DB.
  2. Get backup your SQL Database through Gzip compressed file format to your specified email.

That’s all, we have successfully undergone all procedures your get offline backup of our WordPress website. Now lets see the next site of the coin – How to restore your crashed website with all your backup files.

How to restore your Website in GoDaddy

To restore your website back to form you should be ready with your backup files either  it is in offline or online (in your CPanel). All your backup files will be in GZip compressed file format. So, you should unarchieve your backup files. If it is in FTP file manager then you should follow all these steps.

  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy Account.
  2. As said earlier follow the steps to move on to the FTP file manager section.
  3. Surf for WP_content section -> Backup.
  4. Select the back and unarchieve it using the unarchieve option in your CPanel.

If you have Offline storage then spare your internet to upload your Backup file through FTP client. Then follow the above procedure. You will be successfully restored upto to you have backup. Share if you really find this tutorial, useful for you. In case, if you find any problem please comment below.

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