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10 Reasons Why Blogging can be a good startup in College life

After completing our high school, choosing a reputed college and settling down is a bit tedious. But, after settling down on our dream colleges what do we do? Once again a routine life! Is that pretty cool? Stop wasting your precious time in just Facebooking. It’s time to get into a new startup in college life. Are you afraid to take risks? This is one of the most predominant things happening in INDIA. And you can judge with a few barriers like: insufficient funds, lack of experience, lack of exposure, college work pressure and much more. Whatever it is, it’s not acceptable, because there are more real life examples where people had thrown away all these barriers and landed firmly, started digging their own Startup. It was including myself, Yes! I am in final year now. I am not bragging myself, but the matter of fact is I partitioned my job into 3 – The first is my college work, Second for my new startup and the rest with my family. 😉

Initiate your Startup with Online presence

Increase your online presence

Creating an online presence is one of the most important things for your Startups. So, how to print my marks over WWW? All you have to do is create a Facebook Page for your Startups, a Twitter account and it’s all like what marketers do to promote their product online. Along with that you need to get a domain. Here are some tips for you to choose a right domain name at the right cost. You will be in need of hosting right? I use Goddady for my business, apart from that you can go with Hostgator and Dreamhost which works well. For file sharing, there is a huge list like: Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and you can also set up your own cloud with “OWNCLOUD” -An Open source cloud service. If you want to make a communication with your associates, you can set up email clients like Pidgin, Thunderbird and for live chat probably you can use Google hangouts and Skype.

College Life! A right time to step into Startups

  1. Your wide friends’ circle gets wider
  2. Free Moral and Technical support from our Professors.
  3. Availability of Resources

There’s nothing to scribble much about these three points. All those numbered, are well known to everyone who enjoy their privileges in college life. And I am happy to be one of them, but how these things influence one to step into Startups? Well explained here.

“Blogging” can be a good startup in College life?

Why do I state this? Is that because I am a Blogger?

It’s partially true, I suggest you that Blogging can be a good startup in your college life. I have a bunch of reasons for that, and they are:

  1. Very less Investment
  2. Improves your communication skills.
  3. Risk free startup.
  4. Improves your vocabulary and writing skills.
  5. Brings more people into your circles.
  6. Helps you to stay tuned with current trends and technologies.
  7. If you are a non-tech student you will gain more knowledge about it.
  8. You will gain more reputation in society (but that depends on the niche you choose 😉 ).
  9. You can start making a decent amount of money for sure.
  10. Last but not the least, you will gain enormous exposure with your niche and for your future career as well.

Make a Startup in college life, please don't give up

All these points depict Blogging but, why should I engage myself in this in my college life? Here I would like to share my past, that’s how I entered into Blogging. I am a middle class Indian, the major problem stuck with the society didn’t fail to hit me. I was hardly in need of cash, like everybody I thought of getting into a part time job, but miserably I failed to get it. When days passed by, I came to know that my friend (he is my inspiration and I have mentioned him on my About Page) is making money through online. I nagged him, and got to know about Blogging but not to the core. There were so many misconceptions within myself about blogging, but it didn’t let me down. After 7 months I got my first payment for a product review. And thus it started 😀 It’s really too good to blog. Blogging gave me all the above that I have numbered. I worked on “Tech” niche, but it’s not the only niche to gain profit. There are dozens like Fashion, Food & Diet, Employment, Medicinal, Movies, Web Development and many more. After reading this article, make use of your precious time with a new startup in college life. And, if you are about to blog please make us know them. So that, we can help you to make more revenue. 🙂 Please share your valuable comments below.

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